Thursday, May 5, 2016

My Wedding Favors

I had the distinct privilege of being contacted by The Shops at | 24 | Seven ( to review one of their personalized tote bags. They gave me several different options of positively beautiful bridesmaids' tote bags to choose from:

Right to Left: Metallic Gold Heart ($19.99 + $8.00 w/embroidery), Metallic Gold Dot ($19.99 + $8.00 w/embroidery),
Striped Cabana with Rope Handles ($24.99 + $10.00 w/embroidery), Pretty Palms Canvas with Gold Handles
($22.99 + $10.00 w/embroidery), and Natural Jute ($9.99 + $8.00 w/embroidery)

They were all gorgeous, but I was immediately taken with the Metallic Gold Heart bag. I was offered to have my named embroidered in either gold or black.

Specifications: On a neutral and natural canvas background, the gold foil heart on the Metallic Gold Heart Tote Bag really knows how to stand out. Each tote bag can be personalized with the name of your choice in either black or gold embroidery, and the handles of the bag are gold foil to match. Complete with white and gold striped lining and interior pocket. While a really beautiful presentation tote for welcome packages or bridesmaid gifts, this is a bag you can take anywhere. Handwash and air dry only.

This is a durable bag. Unlike many, the bottom settles flat so it's much easier to keep a water bottle or lotion from falling over. I brought this bag to my cousin's wedding over the weekend and got a lot of comments on the gold heart, and even more when they saw the gold striped satin-like material inside. The little pocket was perfect for extra hair clips and bands. There was just the right amount of room for me to carry all of my goodies. I usually just wear a wristlet but I had several small gifts to bring. I could toss them all in, along with my wristlet, some Advil, and a few other sundries.

This will definitely be my go-to tote bag, if not the only tote bag I use. It's strong, well-sewn, and roomy. As a bridesmaid's gift, you can't go wrong. As a present for any occasion, you can't go wrong. This is just a versatile bag that you'll love on your arm. I'm looking forward to using it at the beach and the lake this summer.

If you're looking for a nice tote bag (or other items) for you or a friend, make sure to visit myweddingfavors.

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