Thursday, March 3, 2016

Allure Beauty Box (October 2015)

Allure Beauty Box is one of my favorite subscription services.  A little background:

"Allure editors uncover the most noteworthy beauty products on the market, from hair and makeup to skin care, fragrance, and more.  Then, they personally try and review each product, hand-selecting the ones they love — and know you'll love, too.  And finally, here comes the fun: a glossy red box is delivered directly to your doorstep filled with the expert-approved products that are sure to become your new favorites."

Here's what's included:
  • Five to seven deluxe-size beauty samples—so you can use each one more than once
  • Curated mix of skin, hair, and makeup products, as well as fragrance
  • Allure mini-mag, packed with in-depth beauty sample product reviews written by Allure editors
I really dig the mini-mag.  Very professional and so much information on the products!  Definitely the best, most descriptive tool I've seen in any box.  Each page has a "What It Is," "How It Looks/Feels," "Why We Like It" and the retail price of the full-sized item.  Some products have a "What It Does," as well as a "Key Ingredients" list.  A lot of people have allergies or find certain ingredients affect their skin in negative ways, so I think this bonus information is great.

Here's what I received:

KRYOLAN Lipstick Matte in Aurora, Eos, and Nike (size and value unknown, full-size 4g, $19.50) -

A bright, intensely pigmented not-going-anywhere matte lipstick in three shades. Feels pleasantly creamy for a matte formula.

CARGO Eye Shadow in Flint (0.12oz, $16.00) - A powder eye shadow which can be used wet or dry. It's incredibly silky and can easily be layered for more oomph. Flint, a matte grayish brown, is for every day.

The lipstick colors were WAY too bright for me, and were not as creamy as stated. I love Cargo products, but I tend to lean towards purpley eye shadows so I'm not trying out this flint shadow, but passing it on to friends.

JOUER Daily Repair Treatment Oil (0.1oz, $4.80) - An anti-aging oil that moisturizes and reduces fine lines and pores - without irritation. Key ingredients are rose-hip and micro-algae oils (antioxidants), bioretinol (boosts collagen), grape-seed, starflower, and pomegranate oils (moisturize). The oil takes a few minutes to sink in and is fragrance-free.

RED FLOWER Lymphatic Phytopower Sea Cleanser and Masque (1.1oz, ~$5.25) - A cream cleanser that doubles as a moisturizing mask. As a cleanser, it removes dirt and makeup; as a mask, it plumps up lines. The lightweight formula has a slippery, conditioner-like consistency and a slightly bitter citrus scent that doesn't linger. It includes aloe-leaf juice, vegetable-derived glycerin, grape-seed oil, chaga, reishi, maitake mushrooms, algae extract and citric acid.

I have used the treatment oil with success. It's light and helps hide small wrinkles. The sea cleanser and mask does have a tad of a citrusy smell, which I love. It goes on silky and plumps the skin.

RITUALS Ginkgos's Secret Ginseng & Ginkgo Biloba Hand Balm (2.5oz FULL-SIZED, $17.00) - A nongreasy hand cream that hydrates and heals dry, cracking hands. Key ingredients are glycerin, shea butter and dimethicone (moisturize); ginseng extract (antioxidant). This stuff is so thick, it feels like it might never absorb. Ten seconds later - poof! - it's gone.

BUMBLE AND BUMBLE All-Style Blow Dry Cream (0.5oz, $3.00) - A lightweight styling cream that smooths hair without making it flat. It fights frizz, protects against heat, and extends the life of a blowout. 

I LOVE THIS HAND BALM!!! It does dry quickly... maybe not ten seconds, but definitely within a minute. I've used Rituals shower gel before, so this only increased my respect for the brand. Bumble & Bumble... my second favorite product to use when I want to go curly for a while. I have that kind of hair that can go either way easily depending on the products I use. Don't hate me. It's not as glamorous as it sounds. The smell of this cream is so fresh. Just fresh.

There was a little mixup with my October box. It didn't arrive until February. Part of that was my fault. The credit card on file expired. I fixed it... several times... but kept having some... issues. Anyway, by that time Allure sent me the October items, all they sent was the B&B blowout cream, the Jouer treatment oil, and the Cargo eye shadow, also in Flint. I was upset not to get the full box, but happy to have the items they sent. However, a couple months later they sent me the entire box to my surprise.

I've got to give credit where it's due, and Allure does take good care of their customers. ALLURE, THANK YOU FOR THE SPECIAL CARE YOU GAVE TO ME!

I calculate this October box to have a value of $46.05, not including the value of the lipstick samples, which is great. With the extra items they sent me, my October box came to a total of $69.85. And this subscription has so much variety! Even though I won't use everything, I couldn't be happier. Can't wait to see what's next!

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