Monday, February 29, 2016

Nature Box (February 2016)

I'm really excited to be reviewing Nature Box once again. They have such a wide variety of options - from healthy to indulgent - to satisfy any craving should be easy. They scour the globe and partner with only the best growers and producers to bring you delicious snacks. They combine unique flavors, with ingredients you can pronounce, to create great snacks you may not want to share.

It's time to change the way you think about snacking.

The first treat I tried was the Aged Cheddar Lentil Loops. "What do you get when the richness of aged cheddar meets the beloved light, airy lentil loops? A crispy, savory snack that will make you ditch the chips and wonder where your favorite new snack has been all of your life. Beware. They're highly addictive so get ready to get loopy."

The second treat I tried was the Masa Crisps. "Made with yellow corn masa and flax seeds, these crisps offer a satisfying crunch that'll have you saying "chips who?" They're the perfect side dish on Taco Tuesday, and great for munching on movie night. Just don't crunch too loud over the good parts."

I loved both of these savory treats. The cheese lentils were so similar to "healthy" Doritos, just without all of the fat and calories. Kinda the texture of cheese puffs without the nails on a chalkboard crunch. The masa crisps remind me very much of the crisps I get when I visit my favorite Indian restaurant. They're a bit salty and somewhat thicker than pappadum, but have a very similar flavor. I enjoyed these even more with cream cheese. Mmm...

I next tried the Harvest Nut Mix. "Nothing says fall quite like crunchy leaves on the sidewalk. But what do you get when you combine peanuts, wild rice sticks, almonds, edamame, toasted corn and sesame sticks? A full-on Harvest party in your mouth, with enough crunch to boot. Open up a bag, throw on some flannel and let’s get this party started."

Then I had the Guacamole Bites. "Give basic chips the night off and snack on something new and full of flavor. Unlike those standard, store bought corn chips, these are seasoned to taste just like guacamole. They are crunchy and satisfying with the rich and spicy flavor of your favorite Mexican dip baked right in. Share them with friends at your next fiesta."

I couldn't get enough of the nut mix. Bring me more nut mix. I mean, they're not too much different than other nut mixes. Definitely a little higher quality. I totally dug the soybeans and I just loved everything in the bag. The guacamole bites were an interesting snack. I like guacamole but these only had the lightest guac taste. They were not too hard but still like a chip. The flavor is wonderful. I highly recommend both of these treats.

The last one I tried was the only sweet one I chose, Sweet Blueberry Almonds. "Sounds like something your Great-Grandmother would shout when she saw a squirrel in the garden! Well, you can shout all you want. These delicious roasted almonds are worth hollering about. They’re made with all natural fruit extracts for their sweet and tart flavor. Nothing artificial. Nothing chemical. And that’s no hogwash, as Grandma used to say."

These were delicious. Not only are you getting the crunch and nuttiness of the almonds, the blueberry powder adds just the right amount of sweet fruitiness. 

I was very happy with all of my selections this month. I wish I would have picked another fruit or sweet item, but I have quite a few of those coming next month. Based on what I received this time, I am looking forward to seeing how my snacks taste in March.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Your Bijoux Box (January 2016)

"Your Bijoux Box will arrive at your doorstep containing 3 pieces of jewelry, hand curated by Shana. The jewelry we select is on-trend, versatile and wearable,  and you will receive at least $100 worth of jewelry each month. We scrutinize hundreds of pieces of jewelry until we find just the right ones for the box. The sparkles in the box might include a long layering necklace, a fun statement collar, a pretty piece of arm candy."

Your Bijoux Box generously sent this box for me to review, but all opinions expressed are my own.

Your Bijoux Box is only $35 per month (free shipping), renews monthly and is delivered straight to your door.  If you buy 3, 6 or 12-month subscriptions, the price goes down per box.  Each necklace or bracelet you receive from Your Bijoux Box retails for at least $35, and very often much more.

The boxes come immaculately wrapped, each piece in its own pretty bag, and includes a helpful card detailing all of the pieces they chose for the month, plus tips on how to style your new pieces.

January's theme is "Blush Strokes".

The first piece I unwrapped was the Pavlova Statement Necklace

"Add soft, pink hues to your wardrobe this winter with our ballet-slipper colored statement necklace. Style suggestions - camel pleated skirt, ivory fitted top and cognac heels. Beautiful with camel, chocolate, khaki, ivory, army green, gray, and burgundy."

This piece is stunning. Definitely a statement necklace fit for television. I loved all of the delicate details. But I disagree with colors they recommend. I think this could go with EVERY COLOR!!! Just stunning.

The next package included the Anna Crystal Bracelet.

"Blush, champagne and clear glass stone bracelet featuring floral-inspired pieces. Gorgeous with the Pavlova Necklace or on its own. Style suggestions - blush mock turtleneck sweater with burgundy trousers and black booties."

Personally I wouldn't pair this with the Pavlova necklace. They are two different styles and both such big statement pieces, they would overwhelm. I do think this would be beautiful with a black suit, a delicate necklace with similar colors, and small earrings.

I then opened the Pave Button Earrings.

"Simple but stunning silver button earrings that will compliment any Winter ensemble."

These weren't my favorite in the box. Again, another big statement piece that wouldn't really work with the other pieces. But more than that, I wasn't thrilled with the flatness or the gems on them. Maybe a hematite trim with one of the gem colors of the bracelet would've been a good combination.

That's the only thing I'm not completely pleased with about Your Bijoux Box. There doesn't seem to be much curation to the boxes. A lot of times you'll get a great piece that would go great with a piece from a past or present box, but not necessarily the items in the same box.

Regardless, I cannot wait to find out what's in the next box they choose to send me to review!