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Mugler Addict (December 2015) by Thierry Mugler

Mugler Addict is one of my favorite subscription boxes, and the fact that it only comes three times a year, it always pops up when I'm not expecting it. I get very excited to see that pale blue box come in the mail.

There's a card in each package. This one reads on the front:

"This Holiday Season, celebrate the 10th Anniversary of ALIEN by re-discovering the legendary fragrance. Radiant, mysterious and fascinating, the fragrance yields multiple revelations. Illuminate your Holidays with ALIEN!

The back of the card describes all of the products that were included in this quarter's box.

ALIEN EAU EXTRAORDINAIRE Eau de Toilette (0.2oz, ~$6.90) - Reveal your mysterious radiance and splendor with ALIEN Eau Extraordinaire. A smoldering elixir captured in luminous crystal.

ALIEN OUD MAJESTUEUX Eau de Parfum - Limited Edition (0.05oz, ~$2.83) - Adorn your skin with a new oriental revelation! Set your senses aflame with the mysterious sensuality of ALIEN Oud Majestueux.

ALIEN Eau Extraordinaire is a little strong and alcohol-y for me. It also has a very powdery overtone. I do adore the tiny bottles Mugler sends, but I don't want to waste it if I won't use it. I think an older lady may appreciate it. I'll probably give it to my mom. Shhh! Don't tell her I referred to her as an older lady. I couldn't smell much different between this and ALIEN Oud Majestueux. Unforunately the sample vial it came in broke so I didn't get to spend much time with it.

ALIEN Eau de Parfum (0.04oz, ~$2.36) - Radiant and mysterious, ALIEN Eau de Parfum is the elixir of absolute femininity. Be seduced by the soothing solar energy of the legendary fragrance.

ALIEN ESSENCE ABSOLUE Eau de Parfum Intense (0.05oz, ~$2.75) - A divine nectar captured in an everlasting drop of gold. ALIEN Essence Absolue is a modern interpretation of ALIEN to indulge the solar goddess in every woman.

I'm a fan of traditional ALIEN so I'm always happy to get another vial! The Essence Absolue was very similar, but with a muskiness to it. I liked it but the new style of vial broke, like the Oud Majesteuex did.

ALIEN LES RITUELS D'OR Radiant Body Cream (1oz, ~$12.69) - Indulge in a moment of pleasure and lingering softness. This luxurious body cream leaves your skin perfectly hydrated and delicately perfumed with the scent of ALIEN.

Close-up of ALIEN Gold Hair Cuff
BONUS! ALIEN Gold Hair Cuff Reveal your inner goddess with this dazzling accessory and illuminate your Holidays.

The body cream is WONDERFUL! And a very generous size for a sample. The ALIEN scent is so light, and leaves your skin super silky. A trick I've learned is if a scented lotion is too strong for you, cut it with a little plain Jergens or something.  The gold hair cuff is a ponytail holder with a beautiful one-of-a-kind design on the cuff. But I don't wear ponies unless it's under a baseball cap, plus I don't think I could work the thing. My husband wears ponytails all the time. However, I don't think he'd go for that! I'll pass it along.

A Mugler Addict subscription is $50 per year and you get four boxes a year, which comes out to $12.50 a box. If I cannot find the same product size on the site for sale, I figure the cost of the fragrance samples and minis based on the 1.7oz size, or what's available. Not including the value of ALIEN gold hair cuff which I am unable to determine, the total value was $27.53, so that's a great value! Probably the best of the year!

So far, I'm really glad that I decided to become a Mugler Addict. Wish I'd done it sooner. Cannot wait to see what they have in store for me next quarter.

PS... MUGLER, GO BACK TO THE OLD VIALS. THE NEW ONES BREAK EASILY!!! Otherwise... good job! Keep it up. :-)

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