Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Try the World - Argentina (August 2015)

"We all wish we could travel more often, but short vacation times and expensive travel tickets make it near impossible to live that sweet life of luxury. Thus was born Try The World: a ticket to the foods and cultures of the world delivered to your door."

When you become a subscriber to Try the World, you receive a box of delicious gourmet food from a different country every two months!

There are three different subscription payment options that auto-renew at the end of the specified period. With all three options, you will receive a box every two months.

Bi-Monthly: $39 every two months
Semi-Annual: $105 every six months
Annual: $198 every twelve months

"Each box is curated by local, expert chefs who select the most authentic and delicious items from each country."

Included in the box is a product description card, as well as a culture guide, which I'll touch more on at the bottom of the article.

I'd also like to apologize for my Hispanic readers.  I do understand the importance of symbols over certain letters, but I cannot figure out how to insert them.

In my Argentina box, I received the following:

VANOLI Chimichurri - Parsley, garlic, oregano, red pepper, and olive oil for the Argentine culinary staple - chimichurri.  This robust sauce is commonly served on the side as a dip for meat and vegetables during large Argentine barbecues known as asados.  Vanoli's sauce will add a gentle smoky heat to your dishes; use it on a steak to enjoy a true gaucho meal!

MEMORIES OF PATAGONIA Malbec wine marinade - Perfect for seasoning lamb, pork, or turkey, this marinade will soon become an essential part of your next backyard barbecue.  It is made with succulent berries from Patagonia, honey from local pampas, and Malbec wine from Mendoza.  So add a taste of tradition to your grill, and enjoy grilled meat like you never have before.

I liked both of these very much.  The chimichurri tastes like a mix between barbecue sauce and salsa, two things that don't sound like they'd be good together, but is surprisingly pleasant.  It's nice on tortilla chips as well.  The marinade tastes more like a jam.  I'm kind of interested in trying it on some biscuits or toast.

BAKE LOVE KOO! Butter Cookies - With mouthwatering flavors and only the best ingredients, these cookies will be your go-to dessert.  Whether it's a late-night treat, or served with an afternoon cup of tea surrounded by a close circle of friends, Koo! ensures a delicious, sugary experience for all.

DONA MAGDALENA Dulce de Leche - In a country with more cattle than people, fresh milk is a given.  This gourmet dulce de leche is made with natural ingredients and with the best breeds of cattle, by the family-owned Magdalena company.  This milky marmalade is the national jam of Argentina, a caramel topping that can be eaten right from the jar or drizzled over ice cream, chocolate, or cake for a decadent treat.

Okay, not too big on the cookies.  They were really dry and I didn't pick up a lot of flavor.  The dulce de leche on the other hand was a super rich caramel flavor.  You'd definitely want to tone it down with some ice cream.  That being said, it's positively delicious.

MQA GOURMET Green Olive Paste - Green olives are freshly pitted and ground to make this delicious green olive paste.  An Argentine take on the traditional Southern French tapenade, this spread is the key to making the tastiest canapes at your next garden party.  Enjoy it with a Fernet cocktail (a dark liqueur with hints of licorice) for an authentic experience any porteno will attest to.

CHAMANA AND INTI ZEN Argentine Teas - Using only authentic Latin American ingredients, Chamana and Inti Zen curate their teas with the help of internationally recognized artisanal tea-blenders.  Enjoy exclusive flavors in this box, such as Don Juan with dulce de leche and red fruits, or yerba mate, the national drink of Argentina.  A cup at the end of a long day is all you'll need to reach bliss.

DULCOR Dulce de Membrillo - A fruit spread enjoyed from Buenos Aires to Patagonia that dates beck to the Spanish occupation.  You will find it in bolas de fraile (spherical pastries with hints of vanilla and lemon), and in the typical fruit-filled pies, pastafrola.  Cut it in thin slices and enjoy with goat cheese, or top of a piece of toast for breakfast.

HOLY MOLY!  Now I LOVE green olives, but this was way overwhelming!  Just too, too much for me to enjoy, and it was what I was most looking forward to trying.  I haven't tried the teas because I simply haven't been in the mood for teas, but they will get used.  The dulce de mebrillo was tasty on some buttered toast, just use a small amount.  Very fruity, although I could not make out the individual fruits.

The Argentina Culture Guide was a very informative pamphlet.  There was a letter from the founders, Kat & David, a biography of the Argentine expert, Adolfo Suaya, a recipe for cornflour alfajores with dulce de leche, as well as pieces on the tango, futbol, asado barbecues, Argentine music, Argentine movies, and Argentine poetry.  That was a lovely addition to a box dedicated to different cultures.

I really like this package.  Talk about authentic!  I thoroughly enjoyed the flavors and the education I received.  I've actually studied much of Hispanic culture throughout my schooling, so this was a great brush-up.  I strongly endorse TRYing THE WORLD!

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