Sunday, August 16, 2015

Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag (August 2015)

Each new month, the Rainbow Honey mystery bag features sample sneak peeks from upcoming collections and future releases, plus a selection of their custom blended fragrances and body care products.

The mystery pack comes with a letter detailing the products, along with information on upcoming products, RH news, and deals they are offering for a limited time.

I'll start with the body care products:

Fruit Juice Perfume Oil Rollerball (4ml) - Too many hit points got you down?  "Lifeup" with this supercharged blend of strawberry, kiwi, peach and melon perfume oil rollerball.  The silky and soft rollerball formula is easy to apply anytime for extra points!

Fruit Juice Bath Oil (1oz) - Blended with fine oils for bath and body, this supercharged blend absorbs into skin for all over hydration.  Use in a bubble bath, after shower or with your next massage.  Add a small amount of oil into warm tub for a relaxing bath experience.  For skin, apply desired amount to damp skin after your shower.

Fruit Juice Bath Tea (1 bag) - A luxurious and indulgent blend of lemongrass, chamomile, orange peel, rose, passion flower and lavender is relaxing, soothing and pampering.  Gently scented with Fruit Juice, this bath tub soak will leave you relaxed and zen!  Soak your hands or feet.  Simple add the tea bag to warm water and allow a few minutes to steep.

I like Rainbow Honey's fragrance rollerballs, but I'm getting them so frequently, I'll never be able to use them up.  But bath oil!  Yes, thank you!  That was an exciting new product.  So is the bath tea, but I don't think I'll be able to use it.  The oil was very nourishing to my skin, and the scent of both that and the rollerball was so light, not at all overpowering.

Each of the nail polishes included in the mini bag I subscribed to for $10 are 7.5ml, which is not only half the size of the full-size products, but the perfect size for those of us who have entirely too many polishes.

Mr. Saturn Nail Lacquer - the year was 199X and the place was Saturn Valley... meet the innocent and peaceful peachy crème.

Jelly Red Sandals Nail Lacquer - A nod to the classic red jelly sandal we had growing up, this summer jelly red lacquer will definitely turn heads towards your hands and feet.  Exclusive to this month's mystery bag!

All Your Base (15ml) - Formulated with Vitamin E for healthy nails, this base coat provides an even surface for your favorite polish, extends the life of your manicure and protects your nail beds from staining.

Usually Rainbow Honey mixes things up with some solids, opaques and glitters, but they must've heard my pleas from last month, because they sent two gorgeous solid lacquers that couldn't be mixed, so this month I got to really play with some of my manicure tools to pimp my nails.

I have so many fingernail polishes, I keep thinking I might cancel my subscription, but I LOVE the body products, especially the lip and hand care items, and just can't. I'm always looking forward to what else they'll send me in addition to the polishes.

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