Monday, August 3, 2015

Glossybox (July 2015)

Glossybox is a monthly subscription that delivers beauty products - hair care, skin care, makeup, perfumes, tools, etc. to your door for $21 per month if you buy the monthly plan, but that price goes down if you buy a 3-, 6- or 12-month subscription.
Glossybox carries some of the best brands in beauty.  Each box contains five items from full-sized to deluxe samples.  Following are the contents of my July box, and my impressions of each:

FACE STOCKHOLM Eye Pencil in GRA (0.04oz, ~$9.71) - This highly pigmented eye pencil glides softly onto the skin without pulling, tugging or dragging.  Available in a selection of bold hues, it can be used to create looks that range from demure to dramatic, and is safe for the inside rim of the eye.
NAKED LIPS Organic Lip Balm in Peppermint (0.15oz FULL-SIZED, $5.50) - Featuring a nutritive blend of antioxidant-rich oils from some of the world's most powerful fruits and berries, this creamy balm is not only ultra protective of the delicate lip area, but it is also a sweet treat.  Go on, lick your lips; it's good for you!

This eyeliner goes on surprisingly smoothly and provides good coverage.  The lip balm was VERY moisturizing and the peppermint flavor was pleasing.  Impressed with both.

KUESHI Anticellulite Booster (5.07oz, $22.60) - Enriched with flavonoids from astragalus root that inhibit the formation of fat cells, this body smoother combats existing cellulite and prevents its formation.  Other ingredients include extracts from butcher's broom to facilitate blood flow, lemon peel and goldenrod flower to reduce swelling.

SESHA SKIN THERAPY Rejuvenating Anti-Wrinkle Mask ($9.00) - Packed with nutrients, peptides and botanical extracts, this anti-aging instant effect mask not only smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, but also calms skin's reaction to environmental aggressors.  Leave on for 15-30 minutes and massage in the remaining residue to pump up the plumping effect.

I decided to forgo trying out the anticellulite booster, only because I'd probably use it once or twice and toss it out.  I don't even know positively if I have cellulite.  I'm sure I do... I'm a little chunky.  I definitely used the anti-wrinkle mask.  I'm OBSESSED with fabric masks and my face always feel so amazing afterwards.  However, most of my stock of masks are Korean and have more natural ingredients.

HEY HONEY I Peel Good! (0.5oz, $29.50) - Promising to improve skin's elasticity and texture after even a single application, this innovative treatment provides a trio of benefits, including hydration, exfoliation and protection.  Another perk?  The cream also reduces stretch marks and leaves behind a natural lipid barrier to protect skin.

I like a great peeler.  I wouldn't call this a great peeler, but it did leave my skin feeling very nice.  The texture and scent are very much like honey so it was a strange sensation, but I didn't get that fantastic mess of dead skin cells when I wiped it away.

This box had a total value of $76.31, which is GREAT!  And the items included are fantastic.  I'll use everything and have found several products that are new to me, and will be purchasing.  Looking forward to next month!

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