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Random Product Reviews - Perfumes Part III

Ever so often, I'll amass enough perfume samples and minis from subscription boxes and beauty site orders that I feel the need to lump them together and give my two cents.  If you haven't already, check out Perfumes Part I, Perfumes Part II, and for the woman who hates what her man wears and wants to find him something better, Colognes.  For the purposes of this post, I'll give two thumbs up for my favorites, one thumb up if they're just okay, and no thumbs up if I think they're garbage.

Ageless by Harvey Prince EDP - Ageless is inspired by recent studies conducted by the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, which find pink grapefruit and mango to be the olfactory antidote to aging. The fragrant notes disguise the familiar scent of age, caused by the breakdown of particular fatty acids in your skin.  With notes of mango, apple, pineapple, pomegranate, pink grapefruit, leafy greens, jasmine, Lilly of the Valley, cherry blossom, peony, precious wood, and vanilla.  The style is fresh, sensual and luminous.  The 1.7oz bottle retails for $55.00.

MY IMPRESSION:  The fruits overwhelmed my senses, but rather than having that immature scent that I usually associate with fruity fragrances, this one is light, summery, and really has me yearning for a delicious cocktail on a Hawaiian beach.  I give it one thumb.

Angel Eau Sucree by Thierry Mugler EDT - Mouthwatering, charming, irresistible!  Enjoy the sweet dreams of childhood as you indulge in this decadent delight!  The heavenly scent of this treat is one of pure perfection.  The 1.7oz bottle retails for $80.00.

MY IMPRESSION:  This is Angel plus some sugar which if I'm not mistaken, is what sucree means???  One thumb for sure.

Angel The New Star by Thierry Mugler EDP - Defying the laws of gravity, a new star is born in the ANGEL universe.  This majestic sculpture was designed as an infinite star revolving around its core.  In perpetual motion, this new gem pierces the celestial skyline exposing its countless facets.  A work of art carved out of starlight, this precious star was created to be treasured and refilled forever.  The 2.6oz bottle retails for $150.00.

MY IMPRESSION:  I really like this.  Although I can't quite make out the individual notes, it's just "heavenly."  Two thumbs up.

Couture La La by Juicy Couture EDP - Ooh La La!  This fragrance will be your new go-to aroma for days at the office or nights on the town.  With notes of sparkling mandarin, water hyacinth, green apple, red currant, Lily of the Valley, blushing peony, violet leaves, orange flower, and smooth woods.  The 1.0oz bottle retails for $48.00.

MY IMPRESSION:  Well... no.  I wanted to give this some credit for smelling better than other Juicy perfumes, but it's still not good.  I don't have any thumbs for it.

Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs EDT - Inspired by the boundless spirit of daisies and blue skies, Daisy Dream reflects Marc Jacobs’ irresistible mix of intricate details, elegance, and femininity for a fresh interpretation of the iconic Daisy motif.  The fruity-floral fragrance has a light and airy touch.  With notes of blackberry, grapefruit, pear, jasmine, lychee, blue wisteria, white woods, musks, and coconut water.  The style is ethereal, free-spirited and luminous.  The 1.7oz bottle retails for $76.00.

MY IMPRESSION:  I really enjoy Marc Jacobs' fragrances.  But there's just too much going on with this one.  I don't particularly care for it as much as the others.  It's just too fruity for me.  One thumb.

Eros Pour Femme by Versace EDP - The primal power of woman is captured in this radiant, sensual essence. Attraction, desire, and passion intertwine in an alchemical mix of tempting, bright, and feminine notes. A refined accord of lemon and jasmine is exalted by sensual and smooth woods for a fragrance of strength, individuality, and seduction.  With notes of Sicilian lemon, Calabrian bergamot, pomegranate, lemon flower, Sambac jasmine absolute, jasmine infusion, peony, sandlewood, ambrox, musks, and sensual wood.  The style is vibrant, feminine and enchanting.  The 1.7oz bottle retails for $92.00.

MY IMPRESSION:  This smells like the high-quality, if not overwhelming, perfumes I used to smell on distinguished ladies in my youth.  Times have changed though.  This seems like it should be on a lady wearing a shoulder-padded ball gown in the 80's, like on Dynasty.  It's just not current.  No thumbs.

Fame by Lady Gaga EDP - From the Haus Laboratories in Paris, the first ever black eau de parfum compounded by Lady Gaga.  Black, like the soul of fame, but invisible once airborne.  With notes of incense, belladonna, apricot, honey, jasmine, sambac, and tiger orchidea.  The 1.7oz bottle retails for $55.00.

MY IMPRESSION:  This is a pretty juvenile scent.  Okay for a teen, but entirely too sweet for a grown woman.  No thumbs.

Folle de Joie by Joie EDP - There are two spots that feature prominently in our wanderlust-fueled daydreams: SoCal beaches and Parisian sidewalk caf├ęs. Luckily, we can live vicariously through this refreshing fragrance. Folle de Joie, which translates to “crazy with joy,” evokes both the relaxed and playful vibe of California and the seductiveness and refinement of the City of Light.  With notes of citrus, a light woodsy floral, cognac, jasmine, Damascenia rose, spicy woods, and rich leather.  The 3.4oz bottle retails for $98.00.

MY IMPRESSION:  The description provided for this is actually spot on!  I can smell the California sunshine and the seductive Paris nights.  Hard to explain, but all the notes just go so well together.  I'd give this more than two thumbs if I had them!

j'adore by Dior EDP - Discover J’adore, the iconic fragrance that embodies the ultimate expression of femininity and luxury.  For the confident, sensual woman who celebrates her femininity — this is Dior's golden girl.  With notes of ylang-ylang essence, Damascena rose essence, and Sambac jasmine absolute.  The style is feminine, luxurious and sensual.  The 1.7oz bottle retails for $92.00.

MY IMPRESSION:  Dior perfumes seem to have a certain maturity to me that only older women would like.  I want to like it, but I just don't.  No thumbs on this one.

Jasmin & Bergamote by L'Occitane en Provence EDT  - Evocative of a graceful, sensual dance, Jasmine & Bergamot Eau de Toilette offers the fragrance of a delicate flower blossoming in the light of dawn.  Revealing the many facets of the jasmine flower, this eau de toilette blends absolutes from Grasse and Egypt.  The addition of bergamot essential oil from Italy balances this floral fragrance with fruity notes.  The 2.5oz bottle retails for $62.00.

MY IMPRESSION:  This scent is just so clean and floral.  It's really strong at first but then settles into a very romantic scent.  Two thumbs up!

Midnight Fleur by NEST EDP - With notes of exotic woods, black amber, patchouli, night-blooming jasmine, and vanilla orchid.  The style is sensual, intoxicating and bold.  The 1.7oz bottle retails for $68.00.

MY IMPRESSION:  I really like NEST fragrances and this is no different.  The patchouli is the strong note I smell, and even though I'm not a patchouli fan, NEST has managed to bring all of the notes together perfectly.  Two thumbs up!

Sincerely by Harvey Prince EDP - The road of life is invigorating, mystical, and often unpredictable. Stay enlightened with Sincerely; the scent that opens your mind and awakens your senses. Exotic, inspiring, and full of surprises, Sincerely whisks you away from the day-to-day.  With notes of Indonesian clove bud, Australian sandalwood, Moroccan rose, French bergamot, Indian tuberose, Japanese orange flower, Lebanese cedarwood, Turkish cyclamen, and South African freesia.  The style is exotic, awakening and transformative.  The 1.7oz bottle retails for $55.00.

MY IMPRESSION:  Sincerely takes me back to my childhood; early summer at my grandparents' country home, when all of the flowers are just starting to bloom. Don't mistake me, this scent is mature and fresh.  It gets two thumbs up.

Swiss Army Victoria by Victorinox EDP -
Victoria expresses the personality of the modern woman, endowed with an innate sense of casual chic.  Victoria will give her the strength and reassurance of feeling good for the daily adventures in life.  The woman wearing this will confidently express her elegance and independence.  The 3.4oz bottle retails for $48.00.

MY IMPRESSION:  Whoo!  That's pungent.  This without a doubt should be a unisex fragrance, if not men's only.  I can't make any particular smells out other than musk and alcohol.  No thumbs for women.  One thumb for men.

Waterlily Sun by Aerin EDP - Like sunlight reflecting on water, bright Sicilian bergamot and lush dewy greens entice the senses for an invigorating, luminous first impression.  With notes of Sicilian bergamot and jasmine sambac. The style is floral and watery.  The 1.7oz bottle retails for $110.00.

MY IMPRESSION:  This fragrance IS floral and watery.  It reminds me of hanging out by the creek as a kid in the summer with the wildflowers blooming.  Absolutely fresh.  Two thumbs way up!

Womanity by Thierry Mugler EDP - With notes of sandalwood, golden amber, sensual incense, Egyptian myrrh, pink grapefruit, blackcurrant buds, Lily of the Valley, star jasmine, rose petals, ylang-ylang, cardamom, and madagascar vanilla.  The style is elevating, luxurious and serene.  The 1.7oz bottle retails for $78.00.

MY IMPRESSION:  I didn't care too much for this. It had a very fig-ish smell.  It reminded me of getting stuck in an elevator with an old lady.  Sorry, but no thumbs.

Womanity Eau Pour Elles by Thierry Mugler EDP - Feel the Mediterranean notes of WOMANITY, and enjoy an overdose of sun and wild strawberries in this new Eau de Toilette – a tribute to the girls around the world!  The 1.7oz bottle retails for $68.00.

MY IMPRESSION:  This version of Womanity wasn't any better in my opinion although the summery scent wasn't quite so old lady-ish.  I still can't give it any thumbs.

Yogini by Harvey Prince EDP - Relaxing, light, lasting.  Yogini is the glow that stays with you.  Crafted with the highest quality natural essences and oils, Yogini is Nature’s antidote to stress: it will make you feel as good as you smell.  With notes of sandalwood, golden amber, sensual incense, Egyptian myrrh, pink grapefruit, blackcurrant buds, Lily of the Valley, star jasmine, rose petals, ylang-ylang, cardamom, and madagascar vanilla.  The style is elevating, luxurious and serene.  The 1.7oz bottle retails for $55.00.

MY IMPRESSION:  Yogini is the most mature, sensual, spicy and intoxicating of the Harvey Prince fragrances I've sampled. This is the date night perfume you want to wear to invoke romance.  It's not one I would usually like so much, but once it hits the skin, it's just so sexy.  Two thumbs up.

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