Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag (June 2015)

Each new month, the Rainbow Honey mystery bag features sample sneak peeks from upcoming collections and future releases, plus a selection of their custom blended fragrances and body care products.

The mystery pack comes with a letter detailing the products, along with a super sweet personal message, along with information on deals they are offering for a limited time.

I'll start with the body care products:

Islands In The Sky Perfume Mist (2ml) - Enjoy the light and airy new perfume mist formula - a tropical blend of milky coconut and fresh melon scented with sugarcane and raspberry nectar that takes you away to island paradise.  The moisturizing perfume mist is formulated to refresh your skin and hair and is alcohol and paraben free.

Clear Scented Soap in Sakura Matsuri (1.5oz) - Cleanse and moisturize your skin while delighting your senses with the newest Clear Soap Summer Collection.  Six new deliciously clear shades scented with Summer Juice, Sakura Matsuri, Midori, Pina Coco-Colada, Blue Waters and Islands In The Sky.

Islands In The Sky has a very pina colada-like smell that I prefer in a nice cold glass on the beach rather on my wrists.  I like most fragrances that Rainbow Honey sends, but this one just isn't for me.  The jelly-type soap sudded up nicely, had a fruit punchy scent, and cleaned adequately.
Each of the nail polishes included in the mini bag I subscribed to for $10 are 7.5ml, which is not only half the size of the full-size products, but the perfect size for those of us who have entirely too many polishes.

Cuprum Veritas Nail Lacquer - a shiny copper bullion.

Aqua Cristalina Glitter Topper - crystal clear blue waters from famous beaches around the world inspired this glitter topper with heavy aqua and holographic glitters in a crystal clear base.

Thallo Bot Nail Lacquer - part of the upcoming Robots Part 2 release, a metallic summer green beauty.

Twisted Ice Tea Scented Top Coat - enriched with vitamin E.
I like using a layering thing to see what looks I can create with the items Rainbow Honey sends me each month.

This time I painted my thumb and index finger with two coats of Thallo Bot, my ring and pinky fingers with two coats of Cuprum Veritas, and my middle finger with three coats of Aqua Cristalina.  Then I added a layer of Aqua Cristalina to my index and ring fingers.  I finished it up with the Twisted Ice Tea Scented Top Coat.

I do like the quantity and quality of products you get for $10 from Rainbow Honey.  I wasn't super excited about the Cuprum Veritas... seems more like an Autumn color.  However, it does have an iced tea coloring so I can see how it fits.  The light green Thallo Bot was definitely my favorite.  Both creamy and sparkly.  I felt like I've seen a lot of blue glitters from RH, so hopefully they'll back off those for a while.  The top coat was amazing, because it goes on smelling strongly of polish, but it dries and smells like iced tea.  Love it!  Per usual, I can't wait till next month.

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