Saturday, July 4, 2015

Mugler Addict (June 2015) by Thierry Mugler

I had been wrestling with becoming a Mugler Addict for a while, because I'm not much of a perfumista.  I get tons of samples from subscription boxes and sites like Sephora, and I have designed my own fragrance which is already perfect for me.  In fact, I'm allergic to many perfumes and some give me headaches.  So why would I want to become a Mugler Addict?

Because I'm addicted to subscription boxes.  That's why.

I was excited because I'd seen previous boxes being reviewed, many containing items from the Angel and Alien lines, neither of which I've tried.  Last quarter all of the items were from the Womanity line, which I wasn't super enthused about, but I finally got my Angel!

"Defying the laws of gravity, a new star is born in the ANGEL universe..."

"Discover a majestic sculpture designed as an infinite star revolving around its core.  In perpetual motion, this new gem pierces the celestial skyline exposing its countless facets..."

The back of the card describes all of the products that were included in this quarter's box.

ANGEL THE NEW STAR Eau de Parfum (0.17oz bottle, ~$9.81) - Crystallizing her dreams, ANGEL Eau de Parfum is half-angelic, and half-devilish.  A work of art carved out of starlight, this precious star was created to be treasured forever.

ANGEL EAU SUCREE Eau de Toilette (0.04oz sample, ~$1.88) - Give in to temptation with ANGEL Eau Sucree, a delightful and luscious Limited Edition.  A new seductive fragrance for sinful pleasure and angelic indulgence.  It will leave you hungry for more.

Ooh!  I do like Angel The New Star.  It's very feminine and sexy.  And I love the adorable little star-shaped bottle.  Angel Eau Sucree is nice as well, but a bit more powdery.  Probably for a more... mature lady.

ANGEL Perfuming Body Cream (1oz deluxe sample, ~$7.86) - Wrap your skin in a robe of rich, creamy softness with the velvety ANGEL Perfuming Body Cream.  This generously perfumed cream will deliciously nourish your skin.

ANGEL Perfuming Shower Gel (0.33oz sample, ~$2.18) - The ANGEL Perfuming Shower Gel moisturizes and envelops the skin in a long lasting fragrant veil.  Pamper your skin with the celestial scent of ANGEL.

The Angel body cream was a tad overwhelming, and I only used a small dab, so this needs to be used like, super sparingly.  Something I noticed different from The New Star and Eau Sucree is the slightest hint of citrus, most likely grapefruit.  I found the same to be true of the shower gel.  That fragrance was much more subtle than that of the lotion.

BONUS!  ANGEL BOUDOIR STAR - Perfume your boudoir star with the scent of ANGEL to retain and diffuse your favorite fragrance for days.  Place in your lingerie drawer to always smell celestial or simply display to add a Mugler touch to your interior.

Last month's exclusive gift was an adorable bracelet with charms depicting some of their more popular fragrances - Angel, Alien and Womanity.  As lovely as it was, I knew I would never wear it so I gifted it and the unused Womanity products to a fellow b-blogger who just happens to LOVE Womanity.

A closer look of the ANGEL Boudoir Star, about 2 inches.

This month's gift is all mine!

I am obsessed with this thing!  Why do I miss out when all of the "things" happen???  It smells lovely as is and can be spritzed with more fragrance to keep your "delicates" fresh-scented long after you've put them away.

A Mugler Addict subscription is $50 per year and you get four boxes a year, which comes out to $12.50 a box.  If I cannot find the same product size on the site for sale, I figure the cost of the fragrance samples and minis based on the 1.7oz size, or what's available.  Not including the value of the Boudoir Star which I am unable to determine, the total value was $21.73, so I was very happy about that.

So far, I'm really glad that I decided to become a Mugler Addict.  Wish I'd done it sooner.  Cannot wait to see what they have in store for me next quarter.

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