Sunday, July 12, 2015

Julep Glossy Mini Set FREE and *Pan*!

I haven't ordered much from Julep lately because I have every color of the rainbow in nail polishes.  However, they've been releasing more and more makeup products, and I have been very interested in their Orbital Eyeshadow collection, but alas... each pod is $18 which is just a little out of my price range for single eyeshadows.

So when I got an email from Julep offering a $52 Glossy Mini Set for free with a $25 purchase, it sparked my curiosity.  I checked out the set they were offering.  The star of the set was the Blank Canvas Plumping Lip Primer, 0.08oz full-sized, which sells separately on Julep's website for $22, and three mini lip glosses (~0.125oz, $10 each).  After looking at some of the new makeup offerings, something caught my eye, so using the code, "PINK", I received the following $52 in lip products for free.

The Blank Canvas Plumping Lip Primer is a multitasking primer that preps lips for flawless, all-day color.  Benzyl Nicotinate instantly plumps.  Sepilift DPHP smoothes fine lines, firms, and moisturizes.  Julep's exclusive Power Cell Complex™ blends the benefits of three age-defying, skin-boosting, ultra-hydrating ingredients, including Rosehip seed oil (delivers essential nutrients to soothe and repair), Malvaceae Lipid Extract™ (improves barrier function so skin retains moisture), and Green coffee bean oil (invigorates skin and promotes cell turnover).

The three mini lip glosses came in Timeless, a sheer nude, Glowing, a sheer light pink, and Charming, a sheer mauve.

Julep's lip glosses offer subtle color, unstoppable shine, and luscious hydration.  They also contain the exclusive Power Cell Complex™.

From left to right in the photo above, and top to bottom in the photo to the right, we have Blank Canvas, Timeless, Glowing and Charming.

I liked Blank Canvas.  It was a nice primer that could be used with or without a color on top.  I felt the plumping sensation, not as a tingly feeling like most, but as an almost numbing feeling.  The results weren't drastic, mind you, but only the second I've used where I saw any change at all.

Seeing the lip gloss colors in their tubes, I was a little skeptical, but I shouldn't have been because I received a different mini in my May Allure Sample Society box.  These are not highly pigmented colors.  I liked all of them.  They're a little tacky in consistency when first applied but that goes away.  If I had to guess, I'd say most of the glosses are pretty similar when applied, so I'm glad I haven't purchased any, per se.  I do look forward to trying some of their lipsticks and lip crayons, which are sure to deliver a bigger punch pigment-wise.

What got me to push that "PURCHASE" button though, was this.

I'd mentioned earlier that I was extremely interested in Julep's Orbital Eyeshadow collection.  Four in particular - Borealis*, Equinox, a pewter with silvery purple pearlescence, Moonbeam*, and Supernova*.

At $18 a pop, it would cost me $72 to buy all four colors, so I was waiting for a sale or something, but this was better.

Pan, The Journey Begins, Multidimensional Eyeshadow Set includes three of my four wishlist shadows.  What would cost me $54, and I got those three plus another for only $52.  Also... what an incredible theme and packaging!  Yes, please!!!

The inscription on the inside of the book-like package reads "Looking for your own bit of pixie dust?  Set your sights on this curated collection of Orbital Eyeshadows.  Blending metallic Shimmer, cosmic pearlescence, and intense color, each multidimensional shade is designed to spirit you away on your own adventure."

Pan is the story of an orphan who is spirited off to a fantastical world of pirates, warriors and fairies, where he finds both fun and dangers, and ultimately discovers his destiny—to become the hero who will be forever known as Peter Pan.  This collection of four Orbital Eyeshadows is curated to capture the essence of Pan with cosmic color, metallic shine, pearly iridescence, and a little bit of pixie dust.  These shadows use iridescent pearls and vibrant metallic pigments to create an effortless, multidimensional eye look, and blend the color payoff of a cream shadow and the layering power of a powder.

The colors left to right in both the photo above and the photo to the right are Earthshine, tree bark with chrome pearlescence, Moonbeam, a silver with lilac pearlescence, Supernova, charcoal with electric orchid pearlescence, and Borealis, charcoal with peacock pearlescence.

These colors are so much more awe-inspiring that the photographs I took.

Try not to laugh at me.  I wanted to give you an idea of what these highly  pigmented eyeshadows would look when applied, but I had terrible lighting to work with.  They go on smoothly, stay put (like, for real... took the jaws of life to get off) and have just the most beautiful, one-of-a-kind shading.  They're stunning.

Anyhoo, I got $124 in Julep's high-quality makeup for $52.  Another Julep win for me!

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