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XO Memebox Line + Haul

XO Memebox is Memebox's very own private label brand featuring the hottest Korean beauty trends. After years of delivering K-beauty products globally, they took the next big step to design products that customers want. Memebox designs the formula, colors, and packaging of XO Memebox range and this allows them to offer high quality products at affordable prices.

Meme Mask Intensive Moisturizing Hydrogel Mask ($3)
Enhance radiance, alleviate irritation, effectively illuminate, and create firm, resilient skin. Memebox brings you their very own Mememask Hydrogel Mask formulated with only the best ingredients such as, Baobab Tree Seed Extract, Chamomile, Niacinamide and Adenosine, and Polyglutamic Acid, leaving your skin radiant and hydrated.

I always like to include a picture of masks in my reviews because like me at one-time, newbies may not know what they look like.  These sheet masks are still relatively unknown to many in the U.S., even though they've been around a long time.

The Meme Mask is one of the best I've ever used.  It's two-pieces, stays in place (fairly) well, and really leaves your face soft and moisturized.

Chosungah x Memebox Get! Peachy Glow Pack ($32)
Chosungah is a legendary professional K-Beauty makeup artist, known as the global leader in the K-Beauty and fashion industry since the year 1990. Her ever-evolving style can be found in high gloss magazines, fashions runways, and is enjoyed by high-profile celebrities world-wide.

She believes that makeup should be kept “simple and fun” and this is evident in all her products. This time, Memebox teamed up with Chosungah to bring you Get! Peachy Glow Pact, a revolutionary multi-functional beauty boosting skin care product to give you an all-in-one tool for perfecting your skin.

This multi-functional primer gives natural, radiant glow on your skin.   I used it in my complete look at the end of the post.  It was a nice all-over primer and left a dewy look to my complexion.

I'm Series I'm Blush ($7 each)
This silky formula glides on effortlessly and offers a smooth finish with long-lasting wear. Each blush is injected with a mix of hydrating oils to provide a crease-resistant finish and sebum control powder to maintain shine-free skin.

#01 Petal Pink is a natural nude, pink tone that provides a fresh-face glow.
#03 Rosy Peach is a deep pink hue that creates a sultry, feminine look.
I'm Series I'm Cream Blush ($10 each)
Blendable cream blush that dries to a lightweight powdery finish for a natural, long-lasting color.
#01 Kristen Cream Blush
#05 Emma Cream Blush
Petal Pink is so light... I mean, I'm fair-skinned, but I don't even think this would show up on my cheeks.  It barely showed up on my arm.  In the swatch below on my hand (second from left), it was almost invisible.  I thought this would be the best color for me but I guess you have to be "porcelain" white for this to work.  Rosy Peach has more pigment to it, but it's more peachy than I expected.  Not terribly flattering for my skin.  I was delivered Kristen by mistake and was kind of upset about it.  Unbelievably, it was my favorite!  I had originally wanted Emma, which I eventually received, but Emma was almost coral, whereas Kristen blended in to create a nice rosy tint to highlight my cheeks.  Besides the first hand photo having no blush on it, the swatches on my arm and in the hand photos below in order are: Petal Pink, Rosy Peach, Kristen, Emma.
I'm Series I'm Eyeliner ($5 each)
I’m Eyeliner Retractable Waterproof gel eyeliner glides on smoothly to deliver cosmic doses of highly pigmented color. Formula dries fast for a long-wearing, water-resistant finish. With its retractable end and smudge tip, this liner is your go-to eyeliner for creating countless looks.
#04 Blazing makes eyes pop with gorgeous dash of burgundy. Pink undertones bring out the warmth in natural eye color to enhance natural beauty.
#01 Night lets eyes shine bright in the night with fierce black.
Kyungsun x Memebox Bad Girl Volume Mascara #01 Mad Black ($12)
KyungSun is one bada$$ gal - Best known for eye makeup on point, she designed products that makes smoky makeup a breeze even for beginners. Unleash your inner sexy with KyungSun’s Bad Girl Line!
Double the drama with this dual volume mascara. Upper lash mascara lengthens and volumizes. Lower lash mascara grabs and pulls every single hard-to-reach bottom lash.
I'm Series I'm Stick Shadow ($7.50)
Color, define, and highlight your eyes with this convenience, do-it-all eyeshadow stick. 

Comfortable tug-free wear, crease-resistant & water-resistent formula, convenience retractable stick type shadow.

#04 Good Evening is a neutral brown with hints of violet shine add a mysterious touch to any look.

I'm Series I'm Eye Shadow ($5 each)
Each shadow is infused with a hydrating color coat to glide on effortlessly for hours of crease-resistant wear.
#07 Carmen Eye Shadow Mono
#08 Hold Me Eye Shadow Mono

#05 Streetlight Eye Shadow Mono is a natural looking golden cocoa hue that is versatile, stunning, and sexy, so that you can create a multitude of different looks.
#14 Earl Grey Cookie Eye Shadow Mono is a cool-toned pink beige that goes on with a satin smooth finish to add elegance.
I really wasn't sure how I would like the Blazing eye liner when I received it.  I expected a deeper purple burgundy.  So it's not for everyday use, but I was able to create one look that worked.  The formula in the eyeliners is great.  They go on smoothly.  You have to be a little careful not to put it on too thick.  The mascara was AH-mazing!  No joke, best mascara I've ever used.  It was instantly dramatic, but not overly so.  Each additional coat though really adds to the glamour.  The stick shadow went on smoothly, but like the eye shadow monos, didn't have as much pigment as I would have liked.  Here are a few looks I created.  I sincerely apologize for the creepy eye pictures, but I am not good at using the reverse mode on my camera to photograph myself!!!  All of the looks include the Kyungsun mascara.  Left to right: Blazing eye liner and Streetlight eye shadow, Night eye liner and Good Evening stick shadow, Night eye liner, Earl Grey Cookie eye shadow and Carmen eye shadow, and Night eye liner, Earl Grey Cookie eye shadow and Hold Me eye shadow.
Hoyeon x Memebox Punk Matte Lipstick #01 Manish Red ($15)
Hoyeon joined Korea's Next Top Model Season 2 at only 18. Though shy and inexperienced, young Hoyeon knew she wanted to become a supermodel. The judges told her she will never make it as a model and sent her home early. She cried tears of disappointment but refused to give up. After two years of intense training she applied again for Season 4. The same judges from Season 2 watched her in awe as she strutted with confidence. Today she stands proud as the final winner. When it's you against the world, stand tall like Hoyeon and make sure you have fun!

This is a non-drying, highly pigmented lipstick with a matte finish.

Pony x Memebox Blossom Lipstick #02 Spring Romance ($12)
Korean self-taught MUA and the winner of "2011 Makeup Artist of the Year Award", Pony is one of the hottest beauty icons in the industry. Her passion for beauty is evident on her YouTube channel Pony's Beauty Diary where she delivers the hottest K-Beauty trends. She teamed up with Memebox to design products that are beginner-friendly and can glam you up instantly- Shine, Easy, Glam.

Formulated with white flower complex, honey, and shea butter to keep your lips moisturized and supple, this pigmented lipstick has a semi-matte finish that is not overly drying.

Dayeong x Memebox Black Lipstick #01 Bad ($10)
Dayeong is oh so chic- she effortlessly transforms her makeup look in a matter of seconds! Her Youtube tutorials teach you unique beauty tips, whether it be versatile natural makeup for work or bold makeup for special events. She teamed up with Memebox to design her own products that she enjoys using on a daily basis.

This is a creamy lightweight lipstick with intense color pay-off.
Haena x Memebox Catwalk Lipstick #02 Charming Cat ($15)
One of Korea's top models, Haena inspires fashion designers and enthusiasts with her eclectic sense of style. Although only 5'5'' as a model, she conquered Korea's Next Top Model Season 2 and proved the haters wrong in front of thousands of viewers. Haena believes that being unique helped her get to where she is today. See how she expresses herself with her top model beauty essentials!

A poppy orange lipstick, formulated with shea butter and jojoba oil to keep your lips plump and hydrated.

I'm Lip Crayon #01 Giselle ($7)
I'm Lip Crayon delivers the vivid color of lip pencil, the lustrous shine of a lipstick and staying power of a lip tint. This 3-in-1 effect creates a versatile look and pencil-style applicator allows accurate application. One single swipe will deliver highly pigmented color that really lasts. This lip crayon contains natural ingredients, macadamia seed oil, argan oil, jojoba seed oil, and rose hip oil to form a protective moisture layer of the lips.

Giselle is a nude-y pink shade that glides smoothly onto the lips for a naturally gorgeous pop of color.

Soyoung x Memebox Lip & Cheek #01 Lovely Peach ($15)
Best known for her "Korean Makeup vs American Makeup" video, Soyoung is the perfect girl nextdoor you want to visit for beauty tips! Her fans love her version of makeup looks of the hottest K-pop stars, such as Sistar, SNSD, After School and more. This luxurious lip & cheek multiple is a must-have in every girl's makeup pouch.

A vibrant, long-lasting color that applies creamy and dries to a light, matte finish.

Hoyeon Manish Red lipstick is highly pigmented and a deep burgundy.  Great for a dramatic night look.  Pony Spring Romance is very similar in color, but leaves a lighter, glossy finish.  Dayeong Bad is the perfect red, and applies differently than the others which have rounded tops.  This has a typical pointed top of most lipsticks, and really helps accentuate the Cupid's bow.  I made a major jump out of my comfort zone with Haena Charming Cat, but I LOVED the orange hue.  The Giselle lip crayon was probably my least favorite.  It's a peachy color that I don't particularly like.  The formula however goes on very smoothly, and I'm loving lip crayons right now.  So easy to create a perfect lip.  Soyoung Lovely Peach is a great peachy pink gloss.  I won't be using it on my cheeks, but I liked it as a lippy.

What fun I had playing with ALL of this makeup!   But now I'm all dressed up with no place to go.  To create this look, I applied the Chosungah x Memebox Get! Peachy Glow Pack all over to get a super dewy look on my face.

I used I'm Series I'm Eye Shadow in #14 Earl Grey Cookie on my entire eye, and put #08 Hold Me on the lids.  I lined my eyes with I'm Series I'm Eyeliner in #01 Night.  Of course I applied my new favorite, Kyungsun x Memebox Bad Girl Volume Mascara in #01 Mad Black.

Using my fingers, I put I'm Series I'm Cream Blush in #01 Kristen on the apples of my cheeks.  I chose Hoyeon x Memebox Punk Matte Lipstick in #01 Manish Red and blotted to leave a less glossy finish.

This is NOT an everyday look for me!  This is a much more dramatic look than I would ordinarily go for.  But like I said, I had so much fun. 

TONYMOLY Strawberry Jam Sugar Scrub ($15.20) - This strawberry extract and sugar scrub de-flakes skin, unclogs pores and softens skin to help you achieve a clearer and more refreshed-looking complexion.

Somebody has a new favorite scrub!!!  This stuff looks super goopy, but once you start massaging it into your skin, you can feel the dead skin just rubbing off, and it's much easier to wash off than you might assume by looking at the gunk in the jar.  Also, a bit of it got in my mouth, and, uh... it tasted like strawberries.  Not too shabby.

TONYMOLY Mini Blueberry Lip Jam ($9) - Moisturize your lips on the go with this adorable little lip balm.

This lip balm tastes just like blueberries and feels every bit as good as the reviews I've read have said.  Plus the little blueberry container is just adorable!

LEADERS Coconut Gel Mask with Orange ($3.50) - This sheet mask contains orange extract that is abundant in Vitamin C and AHA, boosting collagen and brightening the skin. Vitamin C works great for treating dark spots and reducing its appearance on the skin. This mask helps rejuvenate and restore dull skin giving it a vibrant youthful glow.

LEADERS Coconut Gel Mask with Tomato ($3.50) - This tomato sheet mask contains a powerful antioxidant, Lycopene, which gives the skin elasticity and resilience by keeping harmful environmental factors out and locking moisture in. This substance also helps reduce redness, minimizes pores and revives the skin’s healthy glow.

IT'S SKIN The Fresh Mask Sheet Carrot ($2) - Brighten your look with carrot extract! This cushion pulp sheet includes nutrition from fresh and natural carrot extract, that will provide a natural glow, and brighten up your complexion.

IT'S SKIN The Fresh Mask Sheet Blueberry ($2) - Revitalize and moisturize with real blueberries! The mask is saturated with intense moisture serum formulated with blueberry extract.

I adore these brands.  TonyMoly is really starting to make a name for itself in the U.S. as of late.  Leaders is a newer kbeauty brand that is getting a great reputation.  And who doesn't love It's Skin???

This is by far my longest blog post.  Sorry about that.  I wanted to fit it all in, because I wasn't sure if I'd be purchasing more from Memebox (yeah, right).  However, now they're selling Innisfree again, so... what can I say?

Anyhoo, between various sales, codes, and Memepoints I'd acquired, I only spent $113.70 for ALL OF THIS!  I don't know if you've been paying attention, but that's $227.70 worth of product.  I paid half... HALF!  If you haven't already, check out Memebox.  Search the net for coupon codes.  They're everywhere.  INSTALL THE APP.  Not only do they accept codes, there are tons of great sales and specials that you can only get on the app.

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