Thursday, April 2, 2015

Treatsie (March 2015)

I've tried quite a few food/snack subscriptions over the past year since I started my blog, and my favorite, hands-down, is Treatsie.  I mean, who does not love high-quality chocolates and sweets?  So although I took a break from them in order to afford trying others, I'm back.

I was particularly excited about this month's box because I used the add-on feature to get a few things that I've been eyeing.  I had a coupon code, so rather than pay $19.95 for the regular box and $27 for my extras, I paid 14.95 and $20.25 respectively.

So I received a ginormous amount of chocolate and sweets for $35.20 when I could have been spending $46.95.  That sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

My husband and I have an agreement.  He can eat whatever he wants, but he has to save at least a small bit for me.  So hopefully he can do me a solid, especially since he claims to not even "like chocolate that much".  Cough, cough, bullshit, cough.

Each Treatsie box comes with a handy card describing each product included.  Here they are:

Stay. Sweet. Macs Half-Dipped Macaroons ($8) - Naked coconut macaroons dressed up in smooth milk chocolate.

These were really delicious.  I'm not the biggest coconut fan, but the coconut was toasted and the chocolate was divine.  I would eat all four of them, but the husband is cuckoo for coconut, so I'm generously passing them to him.

Zingerman's Candy "What the Fudge?" Bar ($6) - Layers of milk chocolate fudge, muscovado brown sugar caramel and malted milk cream fondant.

I heard some reviewers refer to this as a knockoff Mars bar. And I'd have to agree. A very HIGH-QUALITY Mars bar. The chocolate, caramel, and nougat (?), were wonderful.

Sticky Toffee Pudding Co. Millionaire Shortbread ($3.50) - Crunchy browned shortbread layered with chewy caramel, topped with dark chocolate with smoked hickory sea salt.

This had a very strange taste. It wasn't unpleasant... the chocolate was like a fudge consistency, the caramel was gooey, but the shortbread was a weird flavor. That's where I tasted the smoked hickory sea salt. Mixed together, it was really nice. The first taste however just seems wrong.

Quin Candy Fruity Lollipop Assortment ($4) - Made with bits of real fruit suspended in jewel-like candy.  Flavors include cherry, lemon, strawberry and tangerine.

These sound AH-mazing! As enticing as they are, and as much better my palette may be, I've decided to pass these on to my three nephews and niece. It's Abby's 3rd birthday this weekend and my babies LOVE lollipops! 

Viveltre Chocolate Seduction 7 Layer Smores ($10) - Smooth marshmallows are infused with the finest Belgian chocolate and topped with layers of rich Chocolate Chip Brownie Crisps, layers of Madagascar Vanilla Marshmallows and a layer of silky & smooth Dark Chocolate Crème. This beauty is crowned with Montmorency Cherries & Almonds enrobed in Dark Belgian Chocolate.

This was the first add-on I chose for my box.  I've been salivating over this thing for months.

Ahhh... if you're a marshmallow person, you've found your perfect treat. I, am not a marshmallow person. I'll eat it but I don't enjoy it in mass quantities. This starts out with a thin layer of hard chocolate drizzle containing cherries and almonds. Very nice. Then we get into layers of chocolate and vanilla soft marshmallow, super fine chocolate cookie crumbles, and a thick hard fudgy-like chocolate smack dab in the middle. It all tasted good, but I tired of the extreme amount of marshmallow quickly, the cookie crumbles were so fine that my breath blew some off the spoon, and the fudgy chocolate, while delicious, was uber rich. Like I said, a delicious dessert for a marshmallow lover.


Spring Surprise Coconut, Almonds & Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar

Fresh Mint Milk Chocolate Truffle Bar with Mint Cookie Chunks

Perfect Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar with Roasted Peanuts

Birthday Cake Batter Milk Chocolate Truffle Bar with Confetti Cake Mix

Fluffy Toffee Milk Chocolate Truffle Bar with Marshmallows & Toffee

I got a taste of a few of these in my first Treatsie box and they were so amazing, I jumped on this assortment.  I was particularly intrigued by the Birthday Cake Batter bar.

I was going to go into detail about each bar, but there's really no point.  Each tasted just as described in the label and were every bit as unbelievably delicious as I expected.  Now I have more chocolate sitting in my refrigerator than I could imagine, so I'll probably be skipping a few months.  I mean, I like chocolate but if I ate this much every month, I'd be ginormous!  I discourage you from purchasing Treatsie if you're looking for a low-calorie snack.  But if you want pure scrumdiddliumptiousness, this is the box for you!

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