Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Treatsie (April 2015)

I've tried quite a few food/snack subscriptions over the past year since I started my blog, and my favorite, hands-down, is Treatsie.  I mean, who does not love high-quality chocolates and sweets?  So although I took a break from them in order to afford trying others, I'm back.

My husband and I have an agreement.  He can eat whatever he wants, but he has to save at least a small bit for me.  So hopefully he can do me a solid, especially since he claims to not even "like chocolate that much".  Cough, cough, bullshit, cough.

Each Treatsie box comes with a handy card describing each product included.  This month's card also had a map of where the candies came from to be used in a contest.  Here they are:

MALVI Vanilla Salted Caramel Marshmallow Cookie Sandwiches ($8) - Marshmallow and toasted petit buerre cookies held together with salted caramel for the perfect balance of salty and sweet.

YUM!  My mouth just went weak when I took a bite out of one of these.  And I'm not even a marshmallow person.  The cookie was just the right consistency and like Grandma's butter cookies.  The marshmallow was soft and vanilla-y.  I couldn't make out the texture of the caramel but the flavors melded together so nicely.  Just perfect.

B.T. McELRATH CHOCOLATIER Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Bites ($1 each) - Flavors include Dark Chocolate Caramel, Buttered Toast, Super Red and Prairie Dog.

These were delightful, and the perfect size for one bite snacking.  The Dark Chocolate Caramel flavor was pretty self-explanatory.  The Buttered Toast had toasted bread crumbs in a rich milk chocolate.  It was almost like toffee bits, but softer.  Super Red was probably my favorite.  I love berries in my dark chocolate.  This had cherries, strawberries and raspberries.  Prairie Dog had toasted almonds, butter toffee and a hint of sea salt.  It was creamy with little crunchies here and there.  They were all very good.


PB&J Bar ($5) - Crispy peanut praline and raspberry pate de fruit dipped in dark chocolate and dusted with raspberry powder.

Chocolate Pretzel Poppers ($3) - Crunchy pretzel nuggets covered in milk chocolate.

Corn Nut Dragee ($3) - Salted corn nuts coated in smooth dark chocolate.

My husband immediately claimed the pretzel poppers and corn nuts for himself, but he was kind enough to let me taste them.  The pretzels were much different than any other candied kind I've had before.  They had a nice, thin layer of chocolate, almost like a dusting of cocoa, and the pretzels themselves were hard but not too crunchy.  And I didn't notice any saltiness.  The corn nuts were much softer than the kind you get at the store after a late night of drinking and were surprisingly pleasant with the chocolate covering.

As for the PB&J Bar... oh, my holy Hell!  This is a grown-up's peanut butter and jelly delight.  Do not share this with your children.  Their taste buds cannot appreciate.  I don't even have any words.  Pure nirvana.

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