Monday, April 20, 2015

Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag (April 2015)

Each new month, the Rainbow Honey mystery bag features sample sneak peeks from upcoming collections and future releases, plus a selection of their custom blended fragrances and body care products.

The mystery pack came with a great letter detailing the products, along with a super sweet personal message, along with a promise of a code for a free full-size product for the next month's collection.

I'll start with the body care products:

Pomelo Scented Cuticle Oil (7.5ml) - Their hydrating and award winning cuticle oil has a fresh new scent this month, inspired by a love for citrus fruits.  This cuticle oil is formulated to heavily moisturize cuticles, repair dry and damaged cuticles and is the ultimate cuticle defender when used often.  Cuticle oils also help stimulate new nail growth and increase circulation to the nail bed.

Melon Fizz Sugar Lip Scrub (0.25oz) - This flavored lip sugar scrub deliciously and gently exfoliates the outer surface layers of your lips making them smooth, soft and comfortable.

Melon Fizz Nourishing Lip Balm (0.15oz) - Apply this lip balm, following the sugar scrub treatment for soft, sweet lips.

The cuticle oil smelled awesome of melon but I think it'll take a while before I can tell how well it's working.  I really liked the lip scrub.  It had a nice citrusy melon flavor, and I was ready to lick the sugar off my lips!  I used it right before sampling some lipsticks for another post and it made my lips super smooth.  The lip balm had the same great taste and was really moisturizing.
Each of the nail polishes included in the mini bag I subscribed to for $10 are 7.5ml, which is not only half the size of the full-size products, but the perfect size for those of us who have entirely too many polishes.

Thistle Tresses - a vivid blend of violet, blue and teal glitters.

Eidolon - a shimmery gold-purple.

Delphine - a pastel blueberry crème packed with their signature shimmer blend.

I wanted to try a layering thing to see what looks I could create.
I began by painting the three left fingers of my left hand with two coats of Delphine and my other finger and thumb with two coats of Eidolon.  I added another two coats of Delphine to my ring finger, two coats of Eidolon to my pointer and middle fingers, and then two coats of Thistle Tresses to my pinky and thumb.

Sounds complicated.  Yeah.  It came out beautifully.  These colors are perfect for Spring, and the speckles of glitter on my thumb and pinky made them look like Easter eggs!  This is hands-down my favorite collection from Rainbow Honey so far.  I cannot wait to see what they'll have for me next!

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