Wednesday, April 29, 2015

BoxyCharm (April 2015)

BoxyCharm is a beauty box subscription that surprises you each month with the best beauty products from popular and chic brands. From nail care, to the hottest hair products, to the top skin care and cosmetics, they have your head-to-toe beauty needs covered!
BoxyCharm is $21 per month and auto-renews each month, or you can get a 12-month subscription for the price of 11 months.
This month's box is springing with blossoms that will leave you looking and feeling as fresh as a daisy. You will love your April "Bloom" Box!
BoxyCharm isn't one of my regular subscriptions, but it will be if every month is as great as this one!!!
Each box contains a handy card detailing all of the products:
COASTAL SCENTS Revealed 2 Palette (FULL-SIZE, $39.95) - Influenced by the lustrous beauty of the original Revealed palette, Revealed 2 presents another selection of twenty gorgeous mattes and shimmers.  The slim palette holds twenty shadows, allowing for easy on-the-go application.
This item was one of the big factors in me pushing the "purchase" button.  I've never owned a palette like this and even though it goes for much cheaper than the retail value on a lot of sites, it's still not something I would usually splurge on.
These are the colors top to bottom.  Not much pigment in the top colors, but the bottom colors are very vibrant.
I wanted to create some looks for you guys, but I am just no good at creating beautiful eyes.  That's why I buy the makeup.  Then someone else can put it on me.  I can do day-to-day looks, but I'm no artiste with the palette.
OFRA Illuminating Brush Stripes (FULL-SIZE, $35.00) - These unique blushes are made with high-grade pearls and pigments pressed using sophisticated technology exclusive to OFRA Cosmetic Laboratories.  Once applied, the Blush Stripes highlight your cheek bones in any light while also providing a natural glow and doubles as a four-color eye shadow palette.
This was the other item that encouraged me to buy this month's BoxyCharm.  Subscribers would either receive this item or OFRA's Derma Mineral Powder in “Pink Sapphire”.  Fortunately I got the one I wanted!  Yay for me!
I couldn't get the overall color to show up well in a picture of my cheeks, but I wanted you to see the different colors swatched on my wrist.
JING AI Velvet Shine Lip Jewel in "Red Rascal" (FULL-SIZE, $22.00) - Velvet Shine Lip Jewels give your lips a powerful dose of highly pigmented long-lasting color.  The formula is infused with 100% natural macadamia seed oil, shea butter and jojoba seed oil for a glamorous and hydrated pout.
This isn't one of "MY" colors, but I've been feeling adventurous lately, and am really jumping on the lip crayon band wagon.  This formula is really hydrating, silky, and looks amazing.
COOLWAY Smoothing Lotion (FULL-SIZE, $24.95) - Coolway's conditioning lotion is packed with vitamins and proteins to smooth and control unruly hair.

I LOVE COOLWAY!!!  Ohmigosh!  First, the scent is amazing!  My husband and I couldn't agree on the smell.  My husband said strawberries and cream, but I thought rainbow Nerds.  Whatever, it was great.  Then the texture was really nice.  I liked it most after a shower while my hair air-dried.
Hello by Harvey Prince Mini Roller Fragrance (MINI, $21.00) - Harvey Prince crafts high-quality fragrances, each with its own spirit and story.  These are scents with purpose: personal, natural, upscale perfumes to bring out each woman's personality, inner strength and beauty.  Whatever your niche, Harvey Prince has a special scent for you.
The notes of Hello are Meyer lemon, white grapefruit, Satsuma mandarin, summer forsythia, pink plumeria, wild verbena, Tahitian vanilla, and sensual musk.  The style is welcoming, loving and refreshing.  I already own the Ageless, Sincerely and Yogini minis, and have sampled Hello, so I was really happy to receive this scent.
Despite various specials going on for most of these products elsewhere online, the overall retail value of this box is $142.90.  Not bad at all for items that I would not have ordinarily indulged in had they not all been in this one box.  I'm very impressed and will be searching desperately for May spoilers to see if I'm going to press the button for next month's box.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Treatsie (April 2015)

I've tried quite a few food/snack subscriptions over the past year since I started my blog, and my favorite, hands-down, is Treatsie.  I mean, who does not love high-quality chocolates and sweets?  So although I took a break from them in order to afford trying others, I'm back.

My husband and I have an agreement.  He can eat whatever he wants, but he has to save at least a small bit for me.  So hopefully he can do me a solid, especially since he claims to not even "like chocolate that much".  Cough, cough, bullshit, cough.

Each Treatsie box comes with a handy card describing each product included.  This month's card also had a map of where the candies came from to be used in a contest.  Here they are:

MALVI Vanilla Salted Caramel Marshmallow Cookie Sandwiches ($8) - Marshmallow and toasted petit buerre cookies held together with salted caramel for the perfect balance of salty and sweet.

YUM!  My mouth just went weak when I took a bite out of one of these.  And I'm not even a marshmallow person.  The cookie was just the right consistency and like Grandma's butter cookies.  The marshmallow was soft and vanilla-y.  I couldn't make out the texture of the caramel but the flavors melded together so nicely.  Just perfect.

B.T. McELRATH CHOCOLATIER Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Bites ($1 each) - Flavors include Dark Chocolate Caramel, Buttered Toast, Super Red and Prairie Dog.

These were delightful, and the perfect size for one bite snacking.  The Dark Chocolate Caramel flavor was pretty self-explanatory.  The Buttered Toast had toasted bread crumbs in a rich milk chocolate.  It was almost like toffee bits, but softer.  Super Red was probably my favorite.  I love berries in my dark chocolate.  This had cherries, strawberries and raspberries.  Prairie Dog had toasted almonds, butter toffee and a hint of sea salt.  It was creamy with little crunchies here and there.  They were all very good.


PB&J Bar ($5) - Crispy peanut praline and raspberry pate de fruit dipped in dark chocolate and dusted with raspberry powder.

Chocolate Pretzel Poppers ($3) - Crunchy pretzel nuggets covered in milk chocolate.

Corn Nut Dragee ($3) - Salted corn nuts coated in smooth dark chocolate.

My husband immediately claimed the pretzel poppers and corn nuts for himself, but he was kind enough to let me taste them.  The pretzels were much different than any other candied kind I've had before.  They had a nice, thin layer of chocolate, almost like a dusting of cocoa, and the pretzels themselves were hard but not too crunchy.  And I didn't notice any saltiness.  The corn nuts were much softer than the kind you get at the store after a late night of drinking and were surprisingly pleasant with the chocolate covering.

As for the PB&J Bar... oh, my holy Hell!  This is a grown-up's peanut butter and jelly delight.  Do not share this with your children.  Their taste buds cannot appreciate.  I don't even have any words.  Pure nirvana.

Friday, April 24, 2015

L'OcciBox (Spring 2015) by L'Occitane en Provence

L'Occitane en Provence puts out special limited edition boxes randomly.  I saw the last one and was SO disappointed that I missed out on it.  When this new one came out, I was ecstatic.  Yes, please!

This one went on sale for $48.50 but with the coupon code, "LOCCIBOX", I was able to spend only $20 plush S/H and tax, plus you receive 0.25oz bottle of the Jasmin & Bergamot Eau de Toilette, an approximate $7.80 value.

I was super happy to see my box show up in the mail.  Is that not the most adorable packaging you've ever seen for a beauty box???

Included in this box is: Jasmin & Bergamote Eau de Toilette sample (0.04oz, value ~$1.30), Immortelle Precious Serum (0.23oz, value ~$17.50), Immortelle Brightening Essence Sample (0.03oz), Shea Butter Hand Cream (0.3oz, value ~$4), Shea Whipped Hand Cream (0.59oz, value ~$6), Bonne Mere Rose Soap (3.5oz, value ~$7.00), 1 cube of Sugarfina Champagne Bears (value $8 per Sugarfina's website).

Evocative of a graceful, sensual dance, Jasmine & Bergamot Eau de Toilette offers the fragrance of a delicate flower blossoming in the light of dawn. Revealing the many facets of the jasmine flower, this eau de toilette blends absolutes from Grasse and Egypt. The addition of bergamot essential oil from Italy balances this floral fragrance with fruity notes.

This EDT is quite lovely.  I'm glad I was gifted the 0.25oz rather than just receiving the small sample size.

The new Immortelle Precious Serum concentrates the patented anti-aging power of more than 1000 flowers in every jar. Its lightly textured formula helps to protect and restore the skin’s luster with the power of Immortelle, a flower with exceptional longevity that never fades, even after being picked.

Immortelle Brightening Essence combines the "flowers of light" - Immortelle and Bellis perennis- to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, to help even out skin tone and illuminate the complexion. The reformulated serum helps to diminish the appearance of wrinkles while making the complexion more even-toned and brighter thanks to its ultra-concentrated formula.

I loved the lightness and fresh smell of the serum and essence.  Two items I use frequently in my beauty routine, I was a bit disappointed in the size of the essence, but thought the serum was a good bit to find out how I liked it since the 1oz full-size bottle is $70.

Shea Butter Hand Cream - Enriched with 20% Shea Butter, this super-creamy balm penetrates quickly to protect, nourish and moisturize hands. Honey, almond extracts and coconut oil are blended with Shea Butter to create this extremely effective formula. The rich texture leaves hands soft and smooth with no oily traces, and can be applied as often as needed.

The Shea Butter Whipped Hand Cream has a playful yet smooth texture. Made with a high concentration of shea butter (25%), it helps to nourish, protect and soften the skin.

While I like both of these very much, I did prefer the whipped.  I would like to mention that according to the site, the whipped hand cream was supposed to be a 1oz size, but mine was only 0.59oz.  What the hey, I'm fine with that.

The Bonne Mere Rose Soap gently cleanses the skin without drying. Their formula contains a sustainable and eco-friendly palm oil which is RSPO certified. Pampered daily, skin is soft, supple and lightly scented.

Brut & Rosè Champagne Gummy Bears - Infused with the flavors of exquisite French champagne, these effervescent little bears are spiked with a bit of the bubbly.  As cute as they are chic, you'll have a hard time choosing a favorite between classic Brut and fashionable Rosè.

The bar soap smells heavenly and does a beautiful job of cleansing.  Those gummy bears... oh my, oh my!  The best gummies I've ever eaten.  I love champagne and I thought these were very well flavored.

So... the value.  As I mentioned, this box was $48.50 prior to using a coupon code.  According to my calculations, the value of all of the products in this box comes to only $43.80.  If you did not have a coupon code, this was not worth the price.  I got mine for $20.  Even so:

The box that came out in December was $59.40, which came down to $15 with a code.  And it included: Precious Cleansing Foam (1.7oz), Shea Butter Body Milk (1.7oz), Arlésienne Hand Cream (0.3oz), Almond Supple Skin Oil (0.5oz), Immortelle Sample Divine Cream (2 x 0.05oz), Shea ELLE Hand Cream (0.3oz), Cherry Blossom ELLE Hand Cream (0.3oz), Verbena ELLE Hand Cream (0.3oz), Almond ELLE Hand Cream (0.3oz) and ELLE Pouch.  That value was only slightly higher and that is without the pouch ($49), BUT, there was a much greater variety of products to try.

I was a little disappointed.  Not a lot disappointed.  I got well over my money's worth and some great items to use.  I would highly suggest the (seasonal) L'OcciBox, so long as you have a gift code. ;-)

To recap, I will definitely be buying the next L'OcciBox.  I'd just like to see some of the variety from previous boxes... hint, hint...

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pinrose Petal Packs
"Pinrose is a luxury fragrance brand based in San Francisco, CA. In 2014, Erika Shumate and Christine Luby founded the company with the vision to make high quality fragrance a playful, effortless, everyday experience for the modern millennial. They are on a mission to pull the fragrance industry out of the dark ages by leveraging technology to help customers shop and by creating a brand that celebrates accessible luxury through quirky elegance."
"Pinrose uses synesthesia to personalize the buying experience for each customer. Shumate and Luby created a quiz that asks a series of color, shape, and sound preference questions. At the end, the quiz generates a customized scent "prescription". Over 100,000 people have taken this quiz and contributed to the recommendation algorithm."

"All Pinrose eau de parfums are designed by the best Master Perfumers in the world. They work with Tom Ford and Jo Malone’s perfumers to create unique pieces of wearable art that are inspired by a mood boards, songs, and personas. The scents are manufactured in the United States with the highest quality and most sustainable ingredients collected from around the world. All Pinrose products are phthalate, paraben, cruelty, and gluten free."
"Pinrose 30ml bottles and Pinrose Petal Packs were designed for on-the-go women. Petal Packs include 25 Petals - perfectly dosed single use fragrance sachets. Not only are Petal Packs great for travel, but also are the perfect entry-level product for customers who are wary of the perfume counter."

 *10% off your purchase with code*
To get 10% off your purchase, click here, and enter the code "SHANROCKS1" at checkout.
My Pinrose package arrived wrapped in pale blue tissue.  In that was a nice satchet holding the petal packs.  Also enclosed was a $25 discount card for Le Tote, which I discovered was a clothing exchange subscription service.
The variety Pinrose sent me was very diverse, which I appreciated because I could really see the broad variety of scents they offer.
The petal packs were the perfect size.  Inside the packets are a small tissue-like pad carrying the essence.  I wiped myself, neck, ears, arms, legs, and other little places here and there, and rather than be overwhelming like I expected, these were perfect, portable refreshers.  I found the fragrance to last about four to five hours.
I liked several a LOT.  A couple were just meh...  And there were a couple I didn't like at all.  But that just goes to show the diverse selection Pinrose has.  I've never met two people who like the exact same scents.  Whatever appeals to you, Pinrose has something you'll like.
Enclosed was a handy booklet with a description of each of the scents, notes, sips like (drinky drink... adorable), and sounds like (a different song for each one which I can't wait to download and hear for myself).  Despite that, I blindly tested each of the eight fragrances Pinrose sent me without reading about them first. I wanted to pick out notes for myself without influence. Here are the details and my impressions:
Campfire Rebel is my least favorite. To me it smelled like vodka and burnt oak. My husband said peach candy and candy corn. I don't know where he got those scents. Hahahaha!

I was close!  "Perfect for sipping whiskey in the woods after the rest of the tent has gone to bed."  With notes of whisky, raspberry, burning oud wood, vetiver and vanilla bourbon.
Merry Maker smells of citrus and magnolia. It reminds me of drinking wine coolers in the backyard with Mom on the 4th of July... happy days. This is the perfect summer smell.

"Bring on the bottomless brunch." With notes of nectarine, grapefruit, cassis, violet, rose, plum, musk, moss and Tonka.

I think I got pretty close
with this one too.
Moonlight Gypsy has a powerful powder/incense/musk scent (like Stevie Nicks, appropriately enough) and kind of reminds me of my mother's AVON perfumes from back in the day. Imari, maybe... My husband thinks I smell like that old lady in the elevator.
"What do you wear to a party in a forest?"  With notes of cardamom, mandarin, cherry, orange blossom, Gaiac wood, praline, Indonesian patchouli, vetiver and sandalwood.

Pillowtalk Poet was one of my favorites.  I could wear this all the time.  It was a super light baby powder scent. It left my husband and I lamenting about sweet baby smells. When they're clean. Then we remembered they're not clean most of the time. Which made us happy that we don't have babies.

"Nothing to wear is the perfect excuse for spending all day in bed."  With notes of powder, geranium, clove leaf, ambergris, musk, amber and sandalwood.

Renegade Starlet is a mature perfume.  I couldn't pick out specific notes.

"Pretty in pink and everything else."  With notes of tiare flower, bergamot, freesia, gardenia, jasmine, frangipani, vanilla bean and amber.

Rooftop Socialite is very vibrant. It's lemon fresh, but also a little pine fresh. It sort of reminds me of Skittles, or Starburst candies. Sweet. Mouth-watering.

"No better place to survey the scene than from the very top."  With notes of lime, Italian bergamot, mandarin, freesia, hedione, apple blossom, white musk and cedarwood.

Tambourine Dreamer smells like lilies... just field after field of lilies.  My grandma always grew purple lilies shortly before Easter and I'd just breathe them in.  Such a nice childhood fragrance...

As much as I LOVED this, my husband found it overwhelming.

"Light up the world with melodies and mirth."  With notes of Lily of the Valley, orange blossom, violet leaves, lemon verbena, musk, jasmine petals, ylang ylang, cedarwood and peony.

Treehouse Royal is a woodsy, musky scent.  It wasn't one of my favorites, but I put on a fragrance-free lotion after wearing it, and suddenly it smelled much better to me, so I thought that was odd.  But I still couldn't really pick out the notes for myself.
"Who's the empress of the woods?"  With notes of cassis, pear, fig, jasmine, violet, white peony, vanilla bourbon, Haitian vetiver and moss.
So some definitely excited me more than others.  But the ones that worked for me left me wanting more.  How great is it to have little fragrance sheets to throw in my bag for a mid-afternoon refresher!  There are several other petal packs that I didn't get to try that sound amazing, such as Sugar Bandit (vanilla, cedarwood and white chocolate), Surf Siren (lavender and neroli), Lovebug (cocoa and pomegranate), and their signature scent, Pinrose (fresh rose and leather), among others.
I'll be using my own code, "SHANROCKS1" to try these and stock up on some of my favorites.  At 25 petals for $24, this is a great deal!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag (April 2015)

Each new month, the Rainbow Honey mystery bag features sample sneak peeks from upcoming collections and future releases, plus a selection of their custom blended fragrances and body care products.

The mystery pack came with a great letter detailing the products, along with a super sweet personal message, along with a promise of a code for a free full-size product for the next month's collection.

I'll start with the body care products:

Pomelo Scented Cuticle Oil (7.5ml) - Their hydrating and award winning cuticle oil has a fresh new scent this month, inspired by a love for citrus fruits.  This cuticle oil is formulated to heavily moisturize cuticles, repair dry and damaged cuticles and is the ultimate cuticle defender when used often.  Cuticle oils also help stimulate new nail growth and increase circulation to the nail bed.

Melon Fizz Sugar Lip Scrub (0.25oz) - This flavored lip sugar scrub deliciously and gently exfoliates the outer surface layers of your lips making them smooth, soft and comfortable.

Melon Fizz Nourishing Lip Balm (0.15oz) - Apply this lip balm, following the sugar scrub treatment for soft, sweet lips.

The cuticle oil smelled awesome of melon but I think it'll take a while before I can tell how well it's working.  I really liked the lip scrub.  It had a nice citrusy melon flavor, and I was ready to lick the sugar off my lips!  I used it right before sampling some lipsticks for another post and it made my lips super smooth.  The lip balm had the same great taste and was really moisturizing.
Each of the nail polishes included in the mini bag I subscribed to for $10 are 7.5ml, which is not only half the size of the full-size products, but the perfect size for those of us who have entirely too many polishes.

Thistle Tresses - a vivid blend of violet, blue and teal glitters.

Eidolon - a shimmery gold-purple.

Delphine - a pastel blueberry crème packed with their signature shimmer blend.

I wanted to try a layering thing to see what looks I could create.
I began by painting the three left fingers of my left hand with two coats of Delphine and my other finger and thumb with two coats of Eidolon.  I added another two coats of Delphine to my ring finger, two coats of Eidolon to my pointer and middle fingers, and then two coats of Thistle Tresses to my pinky and thumb.

Sounds complicated.  Yeah.  It came out beautifully.  These colors are perfect for Spring, and the speckles of glitter on my thumb and pinky made them look like Easter eggs!  This is hands-down my favorite collection from Rainbow Honey so far.  I cannot wait to see what they'll have for me next!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Julep Secret Store (April 2015)

I love Julep's Secret Store.  I scavenge for it like a vulture every month.  But you can obtain some of Julep's newer and older colors very inexpensively.  It pops up for non-subscribers usually within the first three to four days of the month, but for Julep Mavens, it comes much sooner and they are notified by email when they can enter the Secret Store.

I was thrilled with this month's haul because I got a couple of things I had been craving for quite a while, plus stuff I didn't even know I wanted!!!

The two things I was most excited about came in a three-piece kit called "Just Add Color," a $41.33 value for $14.99.  It included:

Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat - A perfecting, hydrating base coat powered by breakthrough Oxygen Technology and smoothing silica minerals. What it does:
  • Allows oxygen to permeate the nail bed, encouraging strong, healthy nail growth.
  • Refines nail texture to hide ridges and imperfections.
  • Help color last longer and prevents it from staining your nails.
  • Works with our Color Treat nail polish and Oxygen Performance Top Coat to create a long-wear system that lets your nails breathe.
Freedom Polymer Top Coat

In clinical studies, 100% of women who used Freedom Polymer Top Coat passed the ‘smudge test’ after 5 minutes, compared to 0% who used the leading regular top coat. Features & benefits:
  • Quick-dry formula cures smudge-free under natural light in just five minutes; no UV light required.
  • Perfecting polymer force field smoothes brush strokes and imperfections, leaving a high-gloss, gel-like finish.
  • Gel-like shine without gel removal hassle.
  • Comes off with any nail polish remover.
  • ‘4-free’ formula contains no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, or DBP.
  • For best results, use every other day and seal your free edges with each application.
Rock Star Hand Crème - An anti-aging blend of shea butter, glycerin, coconut oil, and vitamin E that keeps hands hydrated, even after washing. This non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula will leave you cheering for an encore. Rock on.

The base coat and top coat both dried quickly and with no damage to the color.  I've been a gigantic fan of "Glow On," which apparently is no longer available, so I'm happy to report that "Rock Star" is both a smell-good and moisturizing lotion.

Janet - Pale peach soft focus (semi-matte)

What a beautiful color!  It's super light with just the lightest pinky/peachy tint.  I love it for Spring, and maybe all year long!  For $6.99, wow... just wow!

Tyra - Magenta pearlescent silk top coat

In the photo to the right, I painted all but my pointer finger with Janet.  My pointer finger was painted solely with Tyra, and my middle finger had two coats Janet and two coats Tyra.  It's hard to tell, but it is a lovely pearlescent.  I had my choice between a magenta, green and blue pearlescent so I think I made a good choice, but boy, will I be tempted to get the other two next time if they go for $4.99 like this one.

I wish I could tell you when the Julep Secret Store is open, but I usually have to troll Google and the Julep website for a few days before I can find it.  If you do find it though, you'll be delighted by the selection.  Good luck!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag (March 2015)

Each new month, the Rainbow Honey mystery bag features sample sneak peeks from upcoming collections and future releases, plus a selection of their custom blended fragrances and body care products.

The mystery pack came with a great letter detailing the products, along with a super sweet personal message, along with a promise of a code for a free full-size product for the next month's collection.

I'll start with the body care products:

Petit Four Perfume Oil Rollerball (4ml) - Petit Four is an elegant mini cake perfume, made of sweet buttercream and layered with tender confectionary coconut flakes with hints of spring!

Tea Biscuit Scented Top Coat (7.5ml) - Tea Biscuit will remind you of fresh baked tea cake loaves from the busy patisseries of Rue Cler.

Rose Macaron Solid Perfume (0.15oz) - Rose macaron is a soft rose colored pastry shell fragrance filled with ganache made of coconuts, almonds and blended rose nectars.

Petit Four smells exactly like buttercream and coconut.  I'm not sure it's something I'd want to wear regularly.  I'd rather eat it.  With the Tea Biscuit top coat, I can only barely smell a sweetness over the polish smell before I apply it.  But after it dries, my nails actually do smell like a tasty cake!  I really like the Rose Macaron perfume.  I don't get the coconut and almond from it, but the rose scent is intoxicating.

Each of the nail polishes included in the mini bag I subscribed to for $10 are 7.5ml, which is not only half the size of the full-size products, but the perfect size for those of us who have entirely too many polishes.

Crystal Sword - a jelly pink base packed with holographic glitters and timid butterflies in a sea of glittering gold, crystals and holos.

Kozmic Blues - a deep kozmic blue packed with holo hex and precious metal pigments.

Lemon Honey - a beautiful and sunny lemon yellow lacquer with a touch of honey, gently packed with micro gold flakes.

After last month's experience with Rainbow Honey's glittery polishes, I began by painting a layer of a similar (but super light) shade of another polish as a base on all of my nails but the middle.  That I painted with a first coat of Lemon Honey.

Then I completed the look with several coats of Crystal Sword over the light pink base and Kozmic Blues over the light blue base, along with further coats of Lemon Honey.

The Kozmic Blue is a dark, kinda regular glitter... not really my taste.  The Crystal Sword was a pretty glitter with big pieces of pink confetti-like material, including butterflies, but as you can see on my ring finger, I was only able to capture one.  Lemon Honey is just a lovely, light yellow.

Rainbow Honey Mystery Bags are a great, low-cost way to try out new and interesting polishes, as well as accessories.  You get a lot of bang for your buck with this subscription whether you get the mini or regular bag.