Thursday, March 5, 2015

Memebox: Korean Beauty Starter Set #3 Intro to Tea

This is my fifteenth, and possibly last Memebox.  I have been obsessed with Memebox, but they've made a lot of changes lately and I haven't seen it be for the better yet.  They are not a subscription service; instead they allow you to only buy the boxes you're interested in, although most WERE mysteries.

A little background:  "Memebox curates only the most trusted, best-loved Korean beauty products at everyday prices. An extremely competitive industry, Korean cosmetics are renowned for their unprecedented quality developed through cutting-edge technology."

During Memebox's transitional period, which may or may not be ongoing, they released one box that piqued my interest.  I had missed out on all of their previous "tea" themed boxes, so I bought this one immediately.

This box cost $40 (with free S+H), but by using coupon code "I29CAX", I saved $3 plus I had 3 Memepoints which saved me another $3, so I paid $34, and there was a total value of $159.

"Here's a guide to a mix of full-sized natural remedies to address all your skin care concerns!  Teas are natural wonders that have long been touted for their countless health and beauty benefits."

"Great for K-Beauty beginners and K-Beauty-aholics alike, this Intro to Tea set packs a punch with natural yet potent tea infused cosmetics that work to brighten dark spots, clear pores of impurities and perfect a glowing complexion."

Included in this kit were six full-sized items.  Usually there is a product detail card in the box, but there was none with this one.  However Memebox did kindly send me an email with the information I needed, which is extremely helpful since the directions on the packaging is almost all in Korean.

A TRUE White Snow Tea Brilliance Essence (40ml FULL-SIZE) - This intensive essence uses a special blend of white tea to prevent over-production of melanin while illuminating and firming the skin to reveal a radiant complexion.  The brightening and moisturizing properties of the Oriental Beauty Fruits Newplex formula help the skin to be resilient and glow with both a pure and natural radiance.  This special formula is attained be extracting four different kinds of medicinal fructose using low-temperature ultrasonic extraction methods to maximize efficiency.

A TRUE Himalaya Black Tea Watery Gel Cream (50g FULL-SIZED) - The fresh and lightweight moisturizing gel soothes and cools overheated skin to ease stressed out skin and replenish lost hydration to give off a radiant and revitalized skin tone.  The Darjeeling Himalaya tea ingredients, which are grown in arctic conditions, effectively hydrate the skin, increasing its overall moisture level, it soothes and repairs skin damaged by environmental aggressors.

The essence was a really thin cream.  It smelled just super lightly of tea and went on very silky.  I could say pretty much the same about the watery gel cream.  The tea scent was a little more prominent and the texture was really smooth.

A;T FOX Gyoolpy Tea Fresh Water (100ml FULL-SIZED) Freshens and treats the skin with its ultra-fine mist.  It hydrates the skin with organic orange peel taken straight from the mystic island of Jeju to hydrate, sooth, refresh, and provide anti-stress action to the skin to provide instant revitalization throughout the skin.  Use it before or after makeup to give your skin a cosmic blast of hydration and vital nutrients.

A;T FOX Tea Toc Water Clear Tablet (4g FULL-SIZED) - This will make your daily cleansing routine an entirely new experience!  Once the tablet melts in the warm water, the PH level in the water becomes 4.9, the optimal level for giving skin the gentlest deep-down cleansing experience.  The green tea infused tablet will detoxify and deep clean the skin, while also soothing irritated skin.

I used the tea fresh water as a toner, and I loved it.  Could not stop spraying the stuff!  So refreshing.  Again, there was a light tea scent, but it was also sweet.  I'm saving the water clear tablet for a swap or giveaway because it's used as a patting cleanser and I'm not exactly fond of those.  However, it is super cute.

E CHOICE Fermented Tea Skin Drinks Sleeping Pack (70g FULL-SIZED) - This overnight facial mask uses oriental tea complex - jasmine, rose, chamomile, green tea, and white tea extracts - to deliver a concentrated amount of vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients to the skin to hydrate, revitalize, and rejuvenate the skin.  The results?  Skin will have a lit-from-within glow the next morning.

THE SKIN HOUSE Lavender Lightening Emulsion (120ml FULL-SIZED) - Packed with lavender tea complex, this works to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles to promote a firm, youthful appearance.  While supporting elasticity and helping to protect the skin from environmental damage, it infuses the skin with tea, antioxidants, and vitamins for a visibly healthier, more radiant complexion.

The sleeping pack's scent is very plain, which I didn't mind.  I've found these sleeping packs are super duper moisturizing... almost too moisturizing.  So I use them sparingly, once or twice a week.  This one is like most others I've tried.  I really liked the emulsion.  The fragrance of lavender was very light, fresh and clean.  It was hydrating and smooth.

THE VERDICT:  I love this box.  It's pretty reminiscent of the original Memebox format, but I believe it's the last.  With international shipping discontinued, I believe Memebox is now sticking to products that can be easily obtained in the US and their own line of makeup and skincare.  I love tea and I love facials so this was a great final box.


  1. I have been buying Memeboxes since very early on. My first purchase was Global #3 and then a restock of #2. The direction they've taken saddens me. I haven't bought any boxes in months and haven't seen anything I really want to buy. This box, however, looks pretty good. #kbeautybloghop

    1. So disappointed. I have Memepoints to spend, but not much I really want. :(

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