Sunday, February 22, 2015

Julep Secret Store (February 2015)

I love Julep's Secret Store.  It only exists for a small timeframe each month.  But you can obtain some of Julep's newer and older colors very inexpensively.  It pops up for non-subscribers usually within the first three to four days of the month, but for Julep Mavens, it comes much sooner and they are notified by email when they can enter the Secret Store.
Hazel - Wild violet and bronze duochrome.

The photos do not do ANY of these colors justice.  Hazel is a beautiful shiny plum.  It's a much darker, bold shade than I'd usually use, but for $6.99, it was a steal!

Hartleigh - Holographic heart glitter top coat.

The photo on the left shows my middle finger with a white polish applied first, and then Hartleigh over it.  The index finger has just Harleigh applied.  It's lovely, but it's hard to get the heart glitter applied correctly.  This one was also $6.99.

Love - Full-coverage gold, pearl & fuchsia microglitter.

I cannot express how much prettier this color is in reality as opposed to the photographs.  Three layers leaves the most beautiful reddish-goldish finish.  I nabbed this one for only $4.99.

I wish I could tell you when the Julep Secret Store is open, but I usually have to troll Google and the Julep website for a few days before I can find it.  If you do find it though, you'll be delighted by the selection.

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