Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Beauty Box 5 (November 2014... seriously)

When I decided to end my relationship with Beauty Box 5 back in October, they ended up charging me for the November box.  Intelligent me would've contacted them immediately to get a refund, but I decided to just go ahead and get the last box.

Unfortunately, my box didn't show up in November.  I figured having canceled my subscription, I must just be last on the list.  And then I forgot about it.  Until January.  So I contacted BB5 in late January and explained that they had charged me for the November box and that I had never received it.  They got back to me quickly and promised to send me the missing box, and three weeks later, here it is.

Each BB5 comes with a helpful card detailing the products included.

DOVE Deep Moisturizing Body Wash (1.8oz, ~$0.65) - With a rich lather and even more of our gentlest cleanser, this body wash will leave you with softer, smoother skin after just one shower.

LAURA ASHLEY Body Butter in Sweet Peony (1.75oz, ~$3.50) - Indulge in this nourishing, rich lotion.  For a maximum moisturizing moment, smooth it on post-shower while your skin is still damp for seriously smooth results with a sweet scent.

DENTEK Floss Picks & Case (4ct, $2.49) - Get a fresh clean mouth anytime, anywhere.

NICKA K NEW YORK Eyelight Crayon in Moss (0.056oz, $4.49) - This creamy shadow stick glides on easily and adds a pigmented pop of color that lasts.  There's a hidden sharpener in the bottom cap so you can use this crayon as a colorful liner tool.

HASK Macadamia Revitalizing Shine Oil (0.625oz, $2.99) - Apply a small amount of this ultra-hydrating oil to your ends after conditioning and watch dull strands come back to life.

Well, this isn't the worst box they'd sent me, but I wouldn't call it a big win either.  The body wash was a big let-down.  You can get the full-size at any dollar store for... a dollar.  The body butter is great and smells really good.  The floss picks... snore.  Nicka K is in almost all beauty boxes, but particularly BB5, and the moss color is a big miss for me.  Not even remotely good for my skin or eye coloring.  Hask is another product that shows up repeatedly, but it's okay and I'll use it.

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