Saturday, September 20, 2014

Memebox: Luckybox #9 + Gelee Labo Face Mask Set

This is my second Memebox, and I have three more on order, a couple others I'm eyeing for when I have a few extra dollars, and some of their extraordinary masks on their way.  I'm OBSESSED with Memebox.  They are not a subscription service; instead they allow you to only buy the boxes you're interested in, although most are mysteries.  I would be stoked if they did have a subscription service though.  Unlike the Nakedbox that I bought last time, this one came with a nifty card detailing the benefits of each product and how to use them, which is awesome because the information on the packaging is all in Korean.

A little background:  "Memebox curates only the most trusted, best-loved Korean beauty products at everyday prices. An extremely competitive industry, Korean cosmetics are renowned for their unprecedented quality developed through cutting-edge technology."

By researching other Luckyboxes on other blogs, and seeing the amazing products, unboxings, and reviews, I was way interested in trying it.  And I couldn't be more pleased.  I would never in a million years choose these products, but I love everything!  There are so many fantastic, new, intriguing items to try.

I had five Meme Points just for signing up.  Each Meme Point is worth $1, so immediately that's $5 to spend.  At $23 for the kit (plus $6.99 S+H), and using a $15 off coupon code, "trymemebox", I only spent $9.99.

"Luckybox has always offered only the must-have items for both the loyal fans of Memebox and also those new to Memebox!  For Luckybox #9 we've included the best items from previous Luckyboxes and Memeboxes!"

Included in this kit were four full-sized items, one deluxe sample, and two product samples:

THE SKIN HOUSE Pore Control Powder Serum (50ml FULL-SIZE) - This Pore Control Powder Serum works to immediately tighten and minimize enlarged pores for a smooth and matte skin texture.  It also prevents skin's oil/moisture imbalance by maintaining it silky soft.

i belivyu Powder Wash Vitamin Face Cleanser (70g FULL-SIZED product) - This refreshing power-type facial cleanser works as vitamin parts burst onto your skin, with granol particles  and papaine enzymes softly yet thoroughly rubbing away all skin residues and impurities.  Best of macademia and olive oil are also included and deliver protection and deep hydration to the skin.

The Pore Control Powder Serum made my face a little tight at first, but then I was delighted how soft my face was after a couple of hours. 

I really enjoyed using the i belivyu face cleanser.  It was fun to use, different, had a lovely light fresh scent, and left my skin feeling soft and moisturized.  Definitely will become part of my regular beauty routine.

BOCIANS Cycle Repair Whitening Spot (15ml FULL-SIZED) - This whitening spot cream is enriched with various fermented extracts and hyaluronic acids which hydrate deep into the skin and improve the skin elasticity.  The naturally-derived, moisturizing formula also nourishes the skin, giving it a healthier glow from within.

RECIPE BY NATURE Spray Essence Water (140ml deluxe sample) - Spray Essence Water is enriched with Celtic water and whistler glacial mineral water; the main ingredients with nourishing vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and organic acids used to enhance the skin.  This essence will hydrate and nourish your skin instantly after application!

It's difficult to review a whitening spot remover after just a couple of uses, but I did like how the Bocian's formula was very moisturizing immediately upon application.

The Spray Essence Water is wonderful.  I was surprised by how easily it absorbed into my skin, and how nice it felt afterwards.  

awesome Aqua Whip Hug Foam Cleanser (1g x 2ea) and Aqua Powder Gel Cream (1g x 2ea) - Both the Foam Cleanser and the Gel Cream are made from the Canadian glaciers extremely pure and rich in its minerals.  The fine, soft, whip cream-like bubbles created from the cleanser are very gentle and effective in penetrating deep into your pores, while the Aqua Power Gel Cream delivers the ultimate oil-free, moisture surge deep into your skin, hydrating it from within instead of the outer surface.

Y.E.T. Don't Worry Mask Sheet: 03 Snow White Mask (23ml) - Y.E.T. offers a variety of 10 different masks such as soothing, whitening, moisturizing, pore care, wrinkle care, and oil control.  Again, each mask pack is enriched with natural ingredients like aloe, green tea, lemon, cucumber, cacao, and honey to target specific beauty concerns.

The Aqua Whip Hug Foam Cleanser is very reminiscent of the Noxzema products I used as a teenager when I would unfortunately suffer a rare outbreak, especially in smell.  The Gel Cream was more pleasant and left my skin silky and smooth.

I always enjoy a pre-soaked fabric mask, like the Y.E.T. Snow White Mask.  They are a real treat to use, and fun for the whole family, if you're into freaking out your whole family.  I didn't like this brand quite as much as I have some others, but it still left my face feeling dewy 24 hours after use.


PURESMILE Gelee Labo 5-piece set (3g x 5) - These fruity wash-off type jam gel-packs will smooth the skin's texture and hydrate for supple cheeks!  Plus, its cute jam packaging will make you go nuts.  Hydrates, smoothes and softens skin.  After cleansing and drying the skin, apply the gel mask and massage for 10 to 15 minutes.  Wash off with tepid water.

Includes: Strawberry, Marmalade, Blueberry, Kiwi and Rose.

I paid a little more than their worth ($5 plus $6.99 S&H minus 3 Memepoints for a total of $8.99), but I wanted to try them.

And that decision was not my best.  I started by using the Rose mask because it sounded the least like I was smearing a delicious jam on my face.  But it felt just like I was smearing a delicious jam on my face.  It was pretty icky.  My skin feels okay; however, Memebox has SO many better masks out there that spreading delicious jam on my face just isn't that appealing anymore.

And I've still got four more to use.

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