Sunday, August 10, 2014

Nail Art Society (July 2014)

My letter this month read:


"Your July 2014 kit is here! We have curated the #neonpop kit with Sally Hansen to give your nails a bold pop of color.  You'll find fun nail art essentials and some Scotch tape to make this nail art look a breeze.

"The NAS Team"

There was a handy card included in the kit, explaining all of the products they chose this month.  Once again they kept the theme consistent throughout the box.

The kit's "Essential" was Sally Hansen's polish "White Out".  It only took two coats to get a nice solid layer of polish.

The "Colors," two summer brights to give your nails a pop of color were from Sally Hansen's I Heart Nail Art collection.  One was an iridescent yellow named Sunny and the other was a magenta sparkle called Intense.  Both colors took three coats to get a solid layer.

There were also two Sally Hansen's I Heart Nail Art collection pens in yellow and black.

The Bonus Gift was Scotch gift wrap tape that is "perfect for DIY nail art.  I have no idea how to apply this for the purpose of nail art, but hey, who can't use Scotch tape?

Not listed, but in the box was a great I Heart Nail Art file.  I really like these kind of files and they have appeared in both of the kits I have received so far.  I had my doubts about Nail Art Society, but they are really becoming one of my favorite boxes.

Trying out these products was amusing, despite my enthusiasm.  Both of my hands are super shaky, and my left hand... well that's pretty much worthless.  The photo on the left is my left hand, which I decorated myself.  Fun, but certainly not the quality I would love to be able to create.  I quickly became more impressed with my own work once I saw what my husband did with my right hand.  So funny!  It wasn't terrible.  What was most hilarious was his attempt to duplicate the flower on my left thumb.  As it became apparent there was no possibility it would even resemble a flower, we went all Bob Ross and decided it would just have to be a happy little tree!

I will be re-subscribing to the Nail Art Society as soon as my, uh, financial situation improves.  Look for my July Birchbox review to come sooner, hopefully, than later.

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