Sunday, August 17, 2014

Julep Secret Store (August 2014) and 100 Degrees of Mystery

Julep's secret store is open to Mavens only for the first few days of each month, and offers some incredible deals.  Usually non-Mavens can access the store through some hard-to-find links up until around the fifth or sixth of the month.

I'm not currently a Maven because although I LOVE Julep, I'm not always crazy about the limited choices that are offered with each different Maven set.  So getting access when I can to the secret store is always a treat.

My favorite item that Julep has is the Glycolic Hand Scrub with natural apricot seeds.  This radical treatment for your hands and body whisks away dirt and oil and reveals noticeably softer and younger looking skin after just one use.  Plus its fresh floral scent provides a little boost.

It does just what it promises.  I use it at least once a day as a cleanser for my hands, and they just feel so fresh afterwards.  I hope Julep never stops making this because there is nothing else like it on the market.  The bottle just isn't big enough, and is a little pricey ($23), but during the secret sell I received both a full-size (3oz) and a travel-size (1oz) for only $17.99.

In addition, Julep's 100 Degrees of Mystery box has been on sale for $24.99.  As a special add-on at checkout they had a smaller version for only $9.99.  I was intrigued by the box so I added that as well.  Unfortunately, I was not terribly pleased at the selection I was sent.

Included in the set were Alma, a Trina Turk Fall '12 dijon mustard yellow crème, Fiore, an Espresso brown crème, and Nan, a Nantucket red crème.  None of these are colors that I would ever wish to wear.  I have contacted Julep to see if I can return them for credit in the amount I paid.  As of yet, I have not heard back.

Sometimes I suppose, mysteries do not need to be solved.

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