Thursday, July 31, 2014

Skoshbox (August 2014)

This was a really fun box, even though there were a few times when I thought to myself, "Do the Japanese really eat this stuff?" Skoshbox is definitely a subscription service I will continue with.

Green Tea Oreo (Soft Oreo with Matcha Cream Filling) - Just like our Oreo cake-style cookies but with a creamier, slightly green tea flavored filling.

Sanko Zara Jiman Senbei (Rice Cracker with Granulated Sugar Topping) - As you bring this rice cracker to your mouth, your nose will become overwhelmed with the scent of... soy sauce?  Sure enough, read the ingredients... rice, sugar, soy sauce.  It was... not pleasant.

Teriyaki Burger Umaibo (Puffed Corn Stick, Teriyaki Burger Flavor) - Holy teriyaki burger!  I liked the texture, but it's going to be a while before I get that flavor out of my mouth.

Pocky Classic (Chocolate Cream Covered Biscuit Sticks) - These were delicious!  Sweet cookie sticks with a lovely melty chocolate covering.

Pok√©mon Ramune (Fizzy Cider Drink Flavored Candies, Pineapple) - Kind of reminded me of sweet tarts but not quite so sour.  They melt in your mouth.

Maison de Kukkia (Matcha Chocolate Cookie Sandwich) - A heavenly light, crisp cookie with a delightful soft cream inside.

Kasugai Apple Gummies (Juicy Apple Gummies) - Very tasty.

Sakura Mochi Chocolate (Cherry Blossom & Azuki Bean Choco with Mochi Filling) - This was a different twist on chocolate, and I enjoyed it very much until I figured out that I had no idea what mochi was.  It was kind of like an unflavored gummy in the middle of some lovely chocolate.

Caplico Cones (Waffle Cones with Ice Cream-ey Centers, Strawberry) - Pretty good, just what it says it is.

French Papiro (Hard Cookie Shell with Creamy Green Tea Filling) - Very tasty, like a sugar cone, filled with a wonderful sweet cream.

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