Wednesday, June 4, 2014

SO IMPATIENT! + JustFab Review

I have so many boxes, free samples, or nearly free items (with coupons and deals) that should be arriving any minute, my patience is wearing thin!!!  Not because they're late, but because I go to bed every night hoping that by some miracle of the post office, I'll get my stuff early!  It happens!

But no, this morning the giant Christmas tree stack of stuff I was wishing for did not arrive.  I did get one thing (so be happy, Shannon).  Before I get into that...

JustFab is a company that offers membership for $39.95 per month.  Another great site that does the same is Shoe Dazzle.  The $39.95 monthly charge goes towards any purchases that you make.  Both sites have amazing deals on shoes, fashion, accessories, etc.  What makes these memberships really awesome is that you can skip the month by opting out before the 5th of the month without being charge the $39.95 fee.  If you see something that catches your eye, let them charge you, choose from the large variety of stylish products, and have your membership fee apply towards your purchase.  If you don't, opt out.  It's that simple.

JustFab sent me an email a week or so ago stating that they had applied $10 to my account that had to be used within a specified amount of time.  So I went perusing my options.  What could I get for right around ten bucks?  Nail polish, of course!  Each polish was $5.95 and I chose two.  After taxes, shipping, and my credit, all that I paid for $2.10. 

My package arrived today, plus they included a sample of Hada Labo Tokyo skin plumping gel cream and a coupon for it good at Walgreens.  It wasn't technically a freebie or one of my boxes, but I can't wait to try them all out.  Hey, as a woman in her thirties, face creams are always a lovely thing.  Wish I could have appreciated that when I was in my twenties.  Take note, twenty-somethings.

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