Friday, June 27, 2014

nibblr Box (June 26, 2014)

I was already skeptical of the nibblr Box, because so much of their site, ingredients, combinations, were strikingly similar to the Graze Nibblebox.  My initial boxes from Graze were innovative and delicious, but then they just struck out.

Unfortunately, that is the same experience I had with nibblr.  When I saw I could get my first box free, I decided I would try it.  I found the snacks boring and not very tasty.  Here's what I got:

1)  Coco's First Date (dates, almonds and toasted coconut snack mix) - Had almost zero flavor.  It was just coconut, almonds and dates that were covered in a sweet coating... very boring.

2)  Punched Up Pistachios (salt and pepper pistachios) - These were okay, a little strong, just something you can get at almost any grocery store.

3)  Curry Up (coconut curry pretzel pearls, toasted coconut, and pistachios snack mix) - Was a very interesting flavor, obviously reminiscent of Indian or Thai cuisine, but the textures and ingredients just fell a little flat.  And having two coconut snacks in one box is a bit disappointing.

4)  Red, White and Boom (shortbread cookies, blueberries and raspberries snack mix) - The blueberries and raspberries had zero moisture to them, they were crunchy, very weird.  And the cookies didn't have any taste.

If my review seems harsh, especially considering that this box was free, it's only because I'm being honest.  I would have just expected them to want to wow me with the first box to keep me as a subscriber.

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