Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mary Kay Swag Bag

Recently a friend asked some people via Facebook to sit in on a call in which her director would try to recruit new salespersons.  I thought, why not?  The call lasted 30 minutes and was very informative.  Although my experience with direct sales has been poor in the past (my bad, I am very terrible in sales), my participation earned my friend points towards working her way up the corporate ladder, a chance for both she and me to be entered to win a Michael Kors purse, AND she sent me a full-size mascara along with various samples as a thank you.

Samples received clockwise from top left:  FULL SIZE Ultimate Mascara (black, 0.28oz) and a sample of the same product, Satin Hands fragrance-free hand cream sample (0.75oz), Satin Hands peach hand cream sample (0.75oz), Botanical Effects mask (0.1oz), and a one-application color card (including three mineral eye colors, mineral cheek color, and crème lipstick)

For other ways to get freebies and samples from your local cosmetic direct sales representatives, read my page, How to Get Free Stuff, Samples, Discounts, Etc.

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