Monday, June 2, 2014

Julep (Welcome Box - May 2014) - UPDATED!

I positively love Julep.  True, I've only received one box but the colors are fabulous and the quality is above par.  It's also true that I'm a recovering nail biter so my nails are on the short side, but that's never stopped me from buying polishes anyway, AND it's an incentive to continue not biting them.
I chose the Boho Glam box, but there were several other options.  My welcome box included:
  • Lena polish - a teal with gold shimmer;
  • Elisa polish - a soft wisteria shimmer; and
  • Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum -  this peptide-fueled treatment quickly transforms dry, damaged cuticles and encourages strong, healthy nail growth.

And then they hook ya!  Because as I was checking out, they were offering some fantastic deals.  So many!  Since my box was free, I thought, "Why the hell not?"  I still wanted to keep it cheap so I only chose one shade at $4.99.  But there's more!  Immediately after placing my order I get an email informing me that I can add two free nail polishes onto my Maven box by using the code "FREEGIFT".  In the end I wound up with five polishes and a nail and cuticle serum for $4.99.  The other colors I chose were:

Camille - a full coverage opalescent white multi-
    dimensional glitter;
*  Alice - an antique lilac shimmer; and
*  Margot - an old Hollywood gold shimmer.

I was so excited when I received my box:

But Julep wasn't finished with me.  Oh no.  Not by any means.  Also with my welcome box came a 50% off my next order code.  I had already looked through the nail polish colors and seen one called SHANNON (a Spring honeydew silk).  Are you kidding me?  Of course I had to have that one!  Regular price was $14.00 and I got it for just $7.

Julep had one last surprise.  I get an email a few days later stating that their "Secret Store" closes soon... last chance.  I had no idea about their secret store.  Guess that's why it's a secret though.  They had a ton of great items for super cheap, that weren't on the regular menu of polishes, so I got one last color (for now).  Catrina is a marigold yellow crème, featured in Self Magazine, and only cost me $3.  I haven't received Shannon or Catrina yet, but am very much looking forward to it.

That wraps up my Julep experience for the time being.  There are still SO MANY beautiful colors that I'd like to have.  But once again, I have only just started growing my nails out, so I am temporarily suspending my Julep Maven account.  All totaled I'll have seven polishes, the nail and cuticle serum, and all I spent was $14.99.  Not bad at all.  I 100% intend on renewing my subscription.  I'm very impressed with Julep and strongly recommend if you've been considering joining, do it!

UPDATE:  Jeez, Louise... I have issues.  I found these adorable University of Kentucky Wildcat nail decals on Etsy, and of course, I'm like, "Welp, I'm gonna need UK blue nail polish to apply the decals onto."  So I checked to see if the "Secret Store" had closed yet, and low and behold, it hadn't!  Lucky me because even though there weren't any single shades of the blue I needed, I was able to get a two-piece set for $10 that included Bailey (a hyped cobalt blue) and Ramona (a muted lavender rose crème).  Yay for me!  UK nails, here we come!

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