Friday, June 6, 2014

I Didn't Get a Box or Samples Today, But I Did Get...


Lookey what came across my feed the other day!  I'm personally such a big Poe fan that I follow the Facebook page devoted to him, so imagine my enthusiasm when I saw that Archie McPhee is now making EAP temporary tattoos!

Archie McPhee is a great novelty store that used to send catalogs to your grandma, back in the day.  They still do catalogs but they also have a great website where you can get tons more stuff than what you'll find in the catalog.

It was another disappointing day in the life of a girl who is not receiving her subscription boxes.  So it helped tremendously that I got these and was able to play like I'm five years old again!

I had a difficult time choosing from the 33 temporary tattoos that came in the package.  I finally settled on Poe's bust and "POE" with a raven next to it.  These are high quality.  They went on super-easy, and even I didn't mess it up.  If the kid in you wants a bunch of ridiculous tattoos all over, I would strongly recommend any of the tattoo sets you can get at

Until next time, have some fun, and stop trying to act so grownup all the time!

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