Saturday, May 31, 2014

Graze nibblebox (April through May 2014)

My entire fifth box from Graze was just... terrible.  Hahaha.  I don't really fault Graze for it.  I give them props for trying to be inventive.  But it was so bad.  I'm not going to bother detailing the items too much so here's my list for:

April 13, 2014
  • Fruit and Seed Flapjack, rustic rolled oat flapjack with mixed seeds and dried fruits.
  • Smokey Gazpacho Dip, smoky gazpacho relish with wholemeal crisp bread slices.
  • Little Figgy Went to Market, diced figs, cranberries and soft apple pieces.
  • Cracking Black Pepper Cashews, black pepper cashews, roasted unsalted cashews and redskin peanuts.

April 27, 2014

Box 6... a mix of both "Love" and "Hate".  The "Loves" were repeats of items I received in my first few boxes, which was lovely, but there are still so many treats to try I was a teensy bit disappointed.  I won't re-detail the repeats.
  • Key Lime Pie, lime infused raisins, sponge pieces, mini meringues and green raisins... blech.
  • Brooklyn Bites
  • Tropical Sundae, pineapple pieces, mango and chewy banana coins... double blech.
  • Lightly Toasted Pistachios

May 11, 2014

COME ON, GRAZE!  I only got one thing I hadn't already tried with Box 7.  And it wasn't wonderful.  But at least the stuff I'd received before were things I had "Loved" or "Liked" in the past.
  • Chocolate Orange Flapjack
  • Garden of England
  • Chili and Honey Almonds
  • Twist of Black Pepper Popping Corn... just what it says.  It was an adorable and perfectly portioned package.  Popcorn was okay, but a little peppery for my taste.  I am definitely looking forward to trying their other popcorns.

So that's it for April and May, and I'm officially caught up on reviewing my Graze snack boxes until June.  I accidentally let my credit card expire before activating the new one so I missed the May 25 box.  Oopsy.

Next I'm probably going to detail my Julep box for May.  If you haven't already, check out my page, "Websites to Try (Or Not to Try)."  The most recent update is about Perfumes For a Buck.

Until then, try to enjoy this beautiful Spring weather!

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