Monday, June 13, 2016

Candy Club (April 2016)

Each Candy Club shipment includes:

- A carefully curated selection of the most popular, premium candy from timeless classics to contemporary favorites packed into three of our signature containers (up to 3 pounds).

- A unique surprise confection which our candy-loving experts have scoured the globe to find for your enjoyment.

- A delicious splash of all-time favorite goodies.

The box came festively decorated with sturdy, artful candy containers, and a helpful card detailing all of the candy included. 

I received:

DORVAL Sour Power Pink Lemonade Straws

The power of sour is evident in this fun straw candy starting with a burst of sour lemonade tang followed by a satisfying sweetness that is chewy and flavorful. You won't be able to eat just one.

Umm... no. You can only eat just one. These are crazy sour. Not that I didn't love them... I did. They were fun and tasty to eat. I enjoy lemonade flavored ANYTHING!

ALBANESE Mini Gummi Butterflies

These delicate little butterflies offer delicious fruit flavors of grape, strawberry, orange, blue raspberry, wild cherry and green apple. Hold onto them if you can because these sweet treats will be flying away!

Yum. I love gummies. I will say however, the flavors were pretty similar. Sure, orange tasted like orange, and the wild cherry tasted like cherry, but the grape, strawberry, blue raspberry, and green apple were pretty similar. I think if I was blindfolded, I probably wouldn't know the difference between any. That's cool. They were yummy.

DORVAL Sour Power Wild Cherry Belts

Pucker up and savor! These delicious sour belts will tantalize your taste buds with cherry flavor that will have you smacking your lips and begging for more. Hold on tight and get ready for a wild cherry flavored thrill ride!

These were very similar to the pink lemonade straws, just cherry rather than lemon. Sour, sour, sour! My husband loved these very much, so they are currently residing with him.

What's most disappointing is that the only other Candy Club box I received contained this. So along with the lemonade straws, it's like I've already received the same thing twice in this box. But the third thing I already received is:

Sweet's Cotton Candy Salt Water Taffy

As an added treat. This juicy, chewy, and mouth-watering taffy tastes just like the real thing in miniature form.

Well... I don't know that I would say this tastes like cotton candy. More like vanilla, which is A-okay. I like vanilla taffy. This will be enjoyed. But I am disappointed that I've received the same stuff in two boxes. Hopefully my recent contact with Candy Club will change this going forward.

All in all, I wasn't disappointed, nor was I thrilled. Too much repetition. The candy is tasty. I'd just like new candies to try. I look forward to the next box I receive three months from now.

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