Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mugler Addict (April 2016) by Thierry Mugler

Mugler Addict is one of my favorite subscription boxes, and the fact that it only comes four times a year, it always pops up when I'm not expecting it. I get very excited to see that pale blue box come in the mail.

Usually there is a card enclosed that describes the items and why they were included, but it wasn't there this time. It may have been because I signed up late this year. I typically receive my first quarter box in March. Maybe they ran out of cards...?

ANGEL MUSE Eau de Parfum (0.17oz, $9.50) Tantalizing. Delicious. Supremely feminine. Discover ANGEL Muse, the new addictive fragrance you will #HateToLove... Cosmic explosions collide with magnetic attraction to create an irresistible Eau de Parfum never experienced before. Get ready to lose your mind! Notes: Grapefruit, Pink Peppercorn, Hazelnut Cream, Vetiver, Patchouli.

ANGEL MUSE Eau de Parfum (0.05oz, ~$2.79)

Angel Muse Eau de Parfum is the newest fragrance from Thierry Mugler. I found it a little powdery, although I could make out the hazelnut. The grapefruit, not so much.

ANGEL Eau de Parfum (0.04oz, ~$2.82) Crystallizing her dreams, ANGEL Eau de Parfum is half-angelic, and half-devilish.  A work of art carved out of starlight, this precious star was created to be treasured forever. Fragrance notes: bergamot, tropical fruits, vanilla, caramel and patchouli.

ANGEL Eau de Toilette (0.04oz, ~$4.86) - The exquisite ANGEL Eau de Toilette reveals a new dream. The uniqueness of ANGEL reinterpreted as an addictive fragrance, sensual, provocative and finely nuanced.

Angel Eau de Parfum is very feminine and sexy. Angel Eau de Toilette is a little on the powdery side and strong of alcohol on first smell, but once on the skin, it fades into a lovely light fragrance.

ANGEL Perfuming Body Lotion (1oz deluxe sample, ~$7.86) - Wrap your skin in a robe of rich, creamy softness with the velvety ANGEL Perfuming Body Cream. This generously perfumed cream will deliciously nourish your skin.

BONUS! ANGEL Eyeliner Patch 

The body lotion, as with other Angel body products, will probably be delightful. I probably won't try it. My skin is a little sensitive. The eyeliner patches certainly are interesting. I'm not sure if I'll be able to use them... I can't even put on false eyelashes or lip tattoos. But I'm going to give them a try... once the perfume smell wears off. I do not believe my eyes would appreciate the strong scent.

A Mugler Addict subscription is $50 per year and you get four boxes a year, which comes out to $12.50 a box. If I cannot find the same product size on the site for sale, I figure the cost of the fragrance samples and minis based on the 1.7oz size, or what's available. Not including the value of ANGEL eyeliner patches which I am unable to determine, the total value was $27.83, so that's a great value!

So far, I'm really glad that I decided to become a Mugler Addict. Wish I'd done it sooner. Cannot wait to see what they have in store for me next quarter.

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  1. this is NOT the March/Spring 2016 box I received...:( mine had Alien EDP, Alien EDT, Alien Extra., Angel EDP & Angel shower