Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Allure Beauty Box: P&G Red Carpet Special Edition


Allure Beauty Box is one of my favorite subscription services. A little background:

"Allure editors uncover the most noteworthy beauty products on the market, from hair and makeup to skin care, fragrance, and more. Then, they personally try and review each product, hand-selecting the ones they love — and know you'll love, too. And finally, here comes the fun: a glossy red box is delivered directly to your doorstep filled with the expert-approved products that are sure to become your new favorites."

Here's what's included:
  • Five to seven deluxe-size beauty samples—so you can use each one more than once
  • Curated mix of skin, hair, and makeup products, as well as fragrance
  • Allure mini-mag, packed with in-depth beauty sample product reviews written by Allure editors
I really dig the mini-mag. Very professional and so much information on the products! Definitely the best, most descriptive tool I've seen in any box. Each page has a "What It Is," "How It Looks/Feels," "Why We Like It" and the retail price of the full-sized item. Some products have a "What It Does," as well as a "Key Ingredients" list. A lot of people have allergies or find certain ingredients affect their skin in negative ways, so I think this bonus information is great.

Here's what I received:

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask (1, $17.00 FULL-SIZE) - A sheet mask that makes skin dewy and bright. Key ingredients are pitera (speeds up cell turnover) and butylene glycol (moisturizes).

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (1oz, $42.00) - An essence, the step between cleansing and moisturizing that makes skin glow. Just like water, it's light, clear and scentless, and CRAZY hydrating.

I'm super keen on K-beauty, which includes an intensive skin care regimen. These are two of the closest items to Korean beauty products that I've seen. The mask has to be good since it's $17. Cannot wait to try it. I'm also very interested in the essence. The full size (2.5oz) is $105. I hate to say price determines quality... BUT... many times that's the truth. I'll definitely be giving this a shot.

COVERGIRL Plumpify Mascara in Very Black (0.44oz, $11.99 FULL-SIZE) - A lengthening and lifting black mascara. The wand is thick, and the brush is huge. It has a double-helix design, meaning it's twisted and totally covered in spiky bristles. 

COVERGIRL Intensify Me Liquid Eyeliner by LashBlast (0.03oz, $8.99 FULL-SIZE) - A felt-tip liquid liner. Unlike most liquid liners, the tip is neither tapered nor angled. The brand calls it a "paddle shape," but it reminds us more of a Popsicle stick - wide and flat with rounded edges. The pen is curved in at the top to make it more comfortable to hold between your fingers.

I'm very excited to use these two products. I can't seem to get enough good mascaras and eyeliners.

COVERGIRL TruBlend Face Primer in Oily Skin (1oz, $8.49 FULL-SIZE) - A shine-minimizing makeup primer. It looks just like a primer, except a little milkier. The white cream blends in totally clear.

COVERGIRL Colorlicious Oh Sugar Balm in Sprinkle (0.12oz, $8.99 FULL-SIZE) - A tinted lip balm. The smell is lemony and sweet but lasts only a few second on your lips. The formula, which boasts grape-seed oil and avocado butter, is soft and creamy, not waxy. The color payoff is similar to that of a sheer lipstick.

I don't wear foundation so I'm going to pass the primer on to someone who will use it. I really wish I would've received a different shade of lip balm. Just looking, I can't imagine this is a color that will flatter my complexion (and teeth). Some boxes included other colors, and I would've loved to try Caramel or Nude, which would've been great for me. So I'll be passing this along as well.

WELLA PROFESSIONALS Oil Reflections Smoothening Oil (1oz, $12.00- A lightweight hair oil. Enhances shine and smooths frizz. Key ingredients are Vitamin E (protects from damage), and macadamia-seed and avocado oils (nourish). Completely non-greasy, it has a rich vanilla-floral scent.

This isn't something that will suits my hair type, so once again, it will be passed on, although I was pleased to see it included in this box.

I calculate this P&G box to have a value of $109.46, which is so much, I don't even know what to say! And this subscription has so much variety! This is a lot of drugstore brands that I would never buy myself. I'm amped to have a chance to use these products. Even though I won't use everything, I couldn't be happier. Can't wait to see what's next!

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